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20 hotel rooms to draw inspiration from

20 hotel rooms to draw inspiration from

Want to soften or offer a touch of originality to the decor of your room? That's good, through these 20 hotel rooms with all different atmospheres, let yourself be inspired and fill up with decor ideas and tips for your cozy nest: padded headboard, set of mirrors, dim lighting, office area and even graffiti or hammock!

A white seaside room

Hotel Co (o) rniche At the Hotel Co (o) rniche, Philippe Starck has been able to modernize the seaside decoration. Here, the bedroom is entirely white to bring a feeling of absolute purity. To keep the cocoon look, he puts on warm materials such as wood, cotton or linen. At home, we also play the immaculate with walls covered with white cladding and chalk-colored curtains. Under the bed, a carpet in shades of taupe will delimit the space while warming the white floor.

The grid in the bedroom

Room Mate Giulia To bring a look that is both retro and current in the bedroom, we dare to mix Grid fabrics. In Milan, Patricia Urquiola thus decorated the Room Mate Giulia hotel: tiles invade the space alongside a worked water green, to be combined with other soft colors, as well as a beautiful Zanuso armchair. At home, we opt for dark, square curtains, which will contrast with light walls. Above the doors and cupboards, we apply a grid wallpaper to prolong the effect. Finally, the bed is dressed in a pretty set, also checkered.

Wooden cocoon

25 Hours Bikini To create a very natural atmosphere in the room, we draw inspiration from the hotel 25 Hours Bikini in Berlin. Here, the bed is isolated from the rest of the room and installed on a wooden platform. The wall and the floor are coated in the same way, creating a very pleasant cabin spirit. An ideal decoration if you have an alcove.

A glass roof settles in the room

Hôtel Terrass The ideal trick to enlarge the bedroom while giving it a very contemporary style is to create a canopy behind the bed. The space is thus bathed in light and gains in perspectives, as we can see at the Hotel Terrass.

The carpet returns to the bedroom

Radisson Blu Room 506 at the Radisson Blu in Copenhagen has been completely redecorated by designers Jaime Hayon and Fritz Hansen. Here, we like the terracotta-colored carpet and Scandinavian furniture from the 50s. The carpet, neglected in recent years, has taken over in the sleeping area to bring it warmth and comfort. We choose it in muted shades for a very chic side.

Blue on the walls

C.O.Q Hôtel At the C.O.Q hôtel, the blue Farrow & Ball brings elegance and refinement to the room: the walls are fully painted in this dark and powerful color. An atmosphere easy to reproduce at home thanks to a few brushstrokes, wooden furniture and accessories in brass, copper or gold. On the bed linen side, lighten with white, pink or yellow.

A round and gourmet bed

Vice Versa Hotel Designed by Chantal Thomass like a macaron, the round bed is installed in the room as a central element. In praise of indulgence, the eponymous room of the Vice Versa hotel is entirely covered in shades of pink and cream. Without pushing to the total look, we like the idea of ​​the round bed to create a very soft and intimate bedroom.

The headboard is made of wicker

Hôtel Panache Retro decoration at the Hôtel Panache which puts everything on a wicker headboard. At home, we think of installing a retro headboard, wicker or rattan, on a wall panel painted in a strong color, such as a jungle green, a mustard yellow or a brick red.

A theatrical room

Intercontinental Hotel At the Intercontinental Hotel, decorator Bruno Borrione dares to hang large red wall hangings, like theater curtains. On the ceiling, a printed canvas invites itself into an opulent Italian touch. A Rococo decor to reproduce in a room that is thought of as a lodge sheltered from time.

On the wall, create a set of mirrors

Hervé Goluza New bohemian Parisian address, the Hotel Henriette has been carefully fitted out by the decorator Vanessa Scoffier. Among the 32 rooms in the hotel, the editorial staff have set their sights on it, enhanced by a beautiful set of mirrors, some made of rattan, others, barber models. This decorating tip allows you to give character to the room while giving it a nice impression of volumes.

Add a padded headboard

Paul Bowyer Carefully decorated by Dorothée Meilichzon, the Bachaumont Hotel mixes classic Parisian style and contemporary spirit. The proof in this elegant blue room with balcony that offers a cozy atmosphere, reinforced with a pretty padded headboard.

Focus on soft lighting

Miss Clara Hotel In Stockholm, the Miss Clara hotel gives pride of place to Scandinavian decor, tinged with industrial touches. And to warm up the atmosphere, two metal wall lights took place on the wall, on either side of the bed. Result? Soft lighting to feel like at home.

Dare graffiti

NU hotel Notice to the most daring among you. If you want to give a little pep to the decor of your room, follow the example of the NU Hotel in Brooklyn and dare to graffiti. Pop and quirky atmosphere guaranteed!

Apply patterned wallpaper

Wythe Hotel As in this pretty room of the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, prefer a patterned wallpaper rather than a solid paint and thus give relief to the decoration of your room while giving it a retro touch.

Adopt a bathtub as a bed end

Hotel Castelbrac Spotted in one of the rooms of the Castelbrac hotel in Dinard, this is a decorative idea to copy urgently, if the surface of your room allows you this fantasy, of course. Thus, forget the trunk or the bench at the end of the bed and make way for a large bathtub which now functions as a bed end, both design and functional.

Install a hammock

NU hotel Fancy a little originality in your room? Nothing could be simpler, just follow the example of the decoration of this room at the NU Hotel by installing a hammock as comfortable as this one in yours.

Rise up in the smallest spaces with a loft bed

Michelberger Hotel Ideally located in the Berlin district of Friedrichshain, The Michelberger Hotel has an unusual room. Designed as a mini-loft, this small surface highlights a good size sleeping area, fitted out on a mezzanine. An ideal decoration tip to save precious square meters, in style.

Create an office area

Hôtel Design Secret de Paris It is in this cozy room of the Hôtel Design Secret de Paris that the editor spotted a new decorative idea to easily adopt in your room: fit out a small office area. Enough to allow * work addicts * to work in the comfort of their cozy nest.

Decorate the space with a few touches of color

Pantone Hotel In Brussels, the Pantone Hotel, in reference to the famous color chart, gives pride of place to a colorful decoration. Proof is in this room, subtly sprinkled with vitamin touches. Our tip: like here, bet on delicate and minimalist notes, ideal not to overload the atmosphere.