10 cozy bathrooms!

10 cozy bathrooms!

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Because even in winter the bathroom must always be as welcoming, we adapt the decoration to make this room a cozy and warm space. Here are some ideas that you can steal from 10 cozy bathrooms!

A padded bathroom

Cedam To give a very warm atmosphere to your bathroom, the quilt is your ally. To bring it into your room, you can use a wallpaper imitation leather padded which will be the most beautiful effect. However, avoid the total look to let the room breathe.

A wood and white bathroom

Leroy Merlin Nothing like the warmth of wood to feel good. In the bathroom, you can then bet on wooden furniture that will match the parquet! Then, finish the decor with white for a very Scandinavian spirit.

A bathroom as a living room

Espace Aubade What if your bathroom also included a small living room to relax? You can then furnish your room as such by adding a carpet, armchairs and light fixtures that will make you want to never leave your bathroom.

A charming bathroom

Ikea The charming style will be ideal for cocooning in the bathroom. Bet on powdery colors, a beautiful bathtub and some beauty products as decorative objects to create an ode to femininity.

A small cozy bathroom

Ikea Small bathrooms can also be cozy. For this, we bet on enveloping black tiles and we installed many candles to create a warm atmosphere at bath time.

A bathroom with warm colors

Burgbad To feel good in the bathroom, think of comforting and warm colors. Why not opt ​​for a chocolate violet duo which will be very gourmet and feminine?

A bathroom with carpet

Delpha It is not conventional but laying carpet in your bathroom will instantly bring you a feeling of comfort and warmth. Beware, however, of the humidity in this room and splashing.

A country bathroom

Delpha A country style bathroom can only help you relax if you live in the city. You will necessarily think of the holidays thanks to the characterful furniture, the stone wall and the exposed beams.

A bathroom with a carpet

Inda Do you want to bring a warm touch to your bathroom in the blink of an eye? You just have to place a carpet as if it were a living room and voila!


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