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A dream apartment carefully renovated in the heart of Stockholm

A dream apartment carefully renovated in the heart of Stockholm

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In the Swedish capital, this bright 106m² is ideally located in a quiet and residential area, populated by buildings dating from the 1950s. Recently renovated, this apartment is a real cozy cocoon where peacefulness and sweetness of life reign. Visit.

A bright living room that looks

Fantastic Frank Bathed in light thanks to two large original windows, the living room offers a neat decoration declined in white and taupe tones. The decorative detail that makes all the difference in this room? The beautiful clear herringbone parquet, a must!

A friendly dining room with a retro twist

Fantastic Frank From the living room, head to the dining area. Open and minimalist, this dining area is composed of a beautiful table with a tulip base, for the vintage touch, and four dark wooden chairs. On the wall, an aerial plant crown has been placed. What bring a note of freshness with style and without cluttering the room.

Monochrome open kitchen

Fantastic Frank Echoing the living room, the decoration of the kitchen has been imagined in a subtle variation of white, beige and taupe. Impressed with beautiful clarity, the space is as functional as it is convivial.

Neat decoration

Fantastic Frank Small focus on the decor, made of graphic posters, vintage souvenirs and vegetal touches. A winning trio!

A cozy bedroom

Fantastic Frank In the master bedroom, there is an atmosphere conducive to tranquility and rest. In addition to a large king size bed sublimated by a pretty padded headboard, beautiful curtains coordinated above the bed reinforce the warm atmosphere of this dream apartment.

A marble-clad bathroom

Fantastic Frank Editor's favorite? The bathroom, adorned with marble, which fits in with the current trend. What give a crazy cachet to this 106m².

A feminine desk tinged with gold

Fantastic Frank Around a superb dark wooden desk, a pastel pink chair with a golden base responds to small golden accessories, too. As in the other rooms of the apartment, a nice natural light enhances the workspace.

A baby room marked by sweetness

Fantastic Frank While delicacy, a small baby room has also been set up near the parental room. Dressed in soft colors and embellished with a multitude of plush toys, the space will delight new parents looking for softness for their toddler.

A balcony with courtyard view

Fantastic Frank Ideal for breakfast warmed by the first rays of the sun, this small balcony also offers a breathtaking view of the pleasant courtyard of the building, the ultimate in calm and serenity.


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