The kitchen in total look!

The kitchen in total look!

We often say that in decoration, we must avoid the total look but in the kitchen: we can dare everything! So we no longer hesitate to choose a color that will be the starting point of the kitchen decor for a bold decor effect. Discover the result in pictures.

A kitchen that blends into the wall

Mobalpa Thanks to the total look, your kitchen can truly blend into your interior. You will take care to choose kitchen furniture that exactly matches the color of your walls.

Blue on the furniture and the wall

Aviva In this kitchen, the total blue look goes not only through furniture that features a deep blue but also through an entire wall section painted in this color to create a colorful harmony.

A total kitchen / living room look

Aviva To give the impression of a total light color look, this kitchen extends into the living room to offer coordinated furniture that helps standardize the room.

Black it's black

Fly Black is sure to bring a lot of elegance and a very designer touch to your kitchen. We do not hesitate to use it in total look by applying it on kitchen furniture, accessories and furniture in the room.

Beige and wood

Darty To vary the materials while keeping the total look, you will opt for a kitchen furniture color that matches perfectly with the wood of your worktop. Here the kitchen takes on a very warm glazed brown / wood look.

Total gray look

Ikea Gray is a color that is both trendy and timeless! It will then be easy to adopt it in total look by betting on gray furniture whose slightly darker worktop will emphasize the whole.

Gourmet cuisine

Lapeyre With the plum color, your kitchen takes on very gourmet looks. To continue this effect that the furniture gives, you will then bet on decorative accessories in the same tones as well as matching dishes.

The magic of white

Darty An absolute safe bet, white works wonderfully in the kitchen to evoke purity and design style. We adopt it on walls, furniture and especially on decorative items to give life to the kitchen in a beautiful way.

Red spices up

Darty Red no longer has to prove itself in the kitchen. And as the signs have understood, you will not only find red kitchen furniture but also many small household appliances that you can match!

All stainless steel

Ikea For a kitchen that resembles that of the pros, adopt the kitchen in total stainless look! And to complete the ambiance, add a few accessories such as wall-mounted utensil holders and a trolley on wheels.

Deep purple!

Schmidt For an elegant and feminine kitchen, you can choose a purple purple for the furniture, the wall and even the chairs. To ventilate everything, remember to add a few touches of white here and there.

In stripes

But Black, white, black, white, this kitchen has dared to scratch and it works! To make the room appear even larger, we advise you to dare them horizontally and of the same size!

Total beige look

Leroy Merlin Fancy a kitchen that smells of family time? Adopt without delay this beige kitchen, a touch of retro composed of a small bench to meet.

White and blond wood

Ikea This is the winning mix this season: white and blond wood are making a splash in the kitchen! Our advice: use light wood sparingly.

Flashy yellow

Mobalpa To awaken the decoration of your kitchen, it is undoubtedly on the yellow that it is necessary to bet! In addition to a good paint job on the wall, we add a few chairs and decorative accessories. That's it !

Brown wood is essential

Schmidt It is making a comeback in our interiors to warm up our decor, dark wood finds a place of honor in the kitchen. Ideal for a space placed under the sign of conviviality.

Black and wood

Ikea We fall in love with this kitchen which has bet on the association of black and blond wood. Warm, friendly, a touch of retro, it's a big yes for writing!

Total concrete look

Leroy Merlin With the polished concrete look on the furniture, your kitchen is taking on a trendy industrial dimension right now. The most to awaken this sometimes sober style: a wall repainted in a warm red color!

In black and white

Schmidt Since it's a duo that has worked wonderfully for many years, we don't hesitate to adopt black and white as a total look in the kitchen. What we like about this one is the mix of chairs around the table for a very successful graphic effect.