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Colorful 50's variations in a 20th century Bordeaux house

Colorful 50's variations in a 20th century Bordeaux house

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Uninhabited for ten years, this Bordeaux house was in its juice when the decorator and interior designer, Ninou Etienne, visited it for the first time. Under the spell, the co-founder and director of the FusionD agency gave her a new lease of life, while retaining her 50's spirit, furiously decorative. The stylish residence opens its doors to us. Time travel guaranteed!

A living-dining area as design as cozy

Julien Fernandez Adjacent to the living room, a small living-dining area has also been fitted out with care and refinement. On the right, exit the impressive period fireplace and make way for a beautiful, more minimalist and equally warm stove. And to perfect this cozy atmosphere, a mottled cowhide and two Acapulco armchairs have taken place. On the left, the dining area consists of a glass and metal recovery table unearthed in London, where Ninou Etienne lived before.

A 50's-inspired yellow, black and stainless steel kitchen

Julien Fernandez From the living room, head for the elegant kitchen. Dressed in a bright yellow, ultra retro, the space is an invitation to conviviality and sharing. Subtly enhanced with a splashback in black earthenware tiles, the decor of this kitchen charms us at first sight ... Another favorite? The large hood, one of the few original elements preserved by the decorator. On the right, a Formica table with tulip base reinforces the 50's atmosphere that emerges from this exceptional place.

Stairs and period fireplace with timeless charm

Julien Fernandez To access the first floor, take the magnificent period wooden staircase, simply repainted. On the landing, the rehabilitated parquet floor echoes the original fireplace was dressed in antique mirrors. On the left, you can guess the dressing room, hidden behind a door decorated with timeless patterns signed by the genius Piero Fornasetti: Tema e Variazioni.

A dressing room and a bathroom bathed in light tribute to Piero Fornasetti

Julien Fernandez Once the door of the landing pushed, it is a huge bathroom which is offered to the visitor. The old dressing area has been reduced to make room for a beautiful volume, ideal for enlarging the existing bathroom. And, for ever more luminosity, Ninou Etienne chose glazed wooden frames, like a workshop window. On the right, a sublime mottled bathtub invites you to relax.

Scandinavian style and retro touches in the bathroom

Julien Fernandez Facing the bathtub, two sinks, also mottled, bring a refined retro touch to this exceptional parental bathroom. On the wall, the white tiles are twisted by a wallpaper using the Tema e Variazione motifs by Piero Fornasetti.

A colorful parental bedroom

Julien Fernandez Adjoining the bathroom, the bedroom of the happy owners gives pride of place to a beautiful turquoise color, pop at will, waking up with style the astonishing mixture of influences created by Ninou: Art Deco dressing table and door confessional, left and pine chest as a bed end. Also, on the right, the master suite has a sitting area where rattan furniture and travel rugs come together.

A child's bedroom with small bathroom area

Julien Fernandez Originally occupied by a kitchen, this space has been transformed into a pretty child's bedroom. Available in elegant shades of blue, the room even overlooks a small bathroom, with a stone sink, enhanced with original patterned tiles. More info on Fusion D: