10 ideas to sublimate the headboard

10 ideas to sublimate the headboard

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To stage the bedroom, the headboard plays a big role! And to make this space very decorative, we do not hesitate to also sublimate the wall that accommodates the headboard. To help you, here are 10 ideas that are sure to create the decor in the bedroom!

A table above the bed

To materialize the space above the bed, you can opt for a large table that will set the decor tone for the bedroom. To highlight it even more, do not hesitate to light it with a strip of LEDs.

A shelf as a headboard

If you opt for a headboard furniture, you will be able to use it as a shelf and thus personalize your decor over the days. Arrange your favorite books, and some decorative items!

A photo garland

To further personalize the headboard wall, why not create a garland using photos of your choice? You will simply hold a wire on the wall and hang the photos using pins.

A curtain behind the headboard

To stage your bed, nothing like a curtain that you will place against the wall. Feel free to choose a bold color that will match your bed linen. Choose a heavy fabric to get a beautiful fall.

A light garland

To give a nice atmosphere to your room, think of the lights that will provide very soft lighting. For example, place a light garland above your bed to highlight the headboard.

An illuminated headboard

Note that you can also use adhesive LED strips to enhance the headboard. It will suffice to remove the headboard from the wall and place behind the lighting to backlight the entire bed.

Digital printing

The digital age has multiplied the decorative possibilities. We can now use an original digital print that will be installed on the entire wall of the headboard to give a theme to your room.

Stickers on the headboard

For an original style, also think of the stickers that you can use to decorate the wall of the headboard. For example, we put on quote stickers to make your walls speak.

A headboard partition

Finally, to enhance your bed, why not opt ​​for a partition that will serve as the headboard. Away from the original wall, this partition will hide a dressing room or even a bathroom.


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