Decorative fur gift list

Decorative fur gift list

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Looking for decorative gift ideas in tune with seasonality? Here is a shopping list around fur in preparation for a polar Christmas…

A stool

Spoiler ### The stools holding on 3 wooden logs and wearing faux fur, it's very trendy! Whether the inspiration comes from Russia or the high mountains, one thing is certain: this year, for Christmas, we will succumb.


C What ### To offer to a person who likes to receive: coasters like no other just for the "winter" season. Admire, succumb!


AM.PM ### Warm cushions dressed in fake fur? We make it a small gift directly inspired by the Far North. A trendy and wintry wink that should take place later, in the bedroom or in the living room! A choice.

A chair

La Redoute ### A love of an armchair for a love of a person. And for good reason, in view of its soft and comforting build, we only have one desire: to curl up ... and offer it to someone to whom we really only wish good!

A table lamp

Maisons du Monde ### Intensely chic, this table lamp with a white faux fur lampshade is perfect for a glamorous and feminine bedroom.

An ottoman

AM.PM ### Getaway in the high mountains to borrow from its chalets, some seats in faux fur, deliciously comfortable and visually very warm. It remains to choose the model that we will wrap in gift wrap…

A decorative object

AM.PM ### This is an original decorative gift that we cannot offer to everyone. Indeed, it is better to have a pronounced taste for animals, country or mountain style when you receive this adorable cocooning sheep covered with white faux fur! In any case, we validate ...

An unusual object

C WHAT ### The objective is to find an unusual and chic gift? We have one for you! A completely offset kitchen tray, since it is on fur that you can present fruit or sweets.

Fur blanket

AM.PM. La Redoute