Rose Quartz and Serenity, colors of the year 2016 according to Pantone

Rose Quartz and Serenity, colors of the year 2016 according to Pantone

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Drum roll… In 2016, Pantone, in partnership with the color and trend manufacturer Tollens, chose not just one but two colors as colors of the year. Two pastel shades, the color "Rose Quartz" and the blue "Serenity". An irresistible duo to find in the Tollens collection inspired by Pantone. Are you not convinced ? The editorial office offers you a selection of spaces or decorative accessories borrowing either from one or the other of these two colors, or from both. Discovery in pictures!

"Rose Quartz" versus "Serenity"

Tollens G.Gardette If the color "Rose Quartz" evokes softness and determination, the light and celestial "Serenity" blue gives us a feeling of comfort and calm. A shock duo, a true antidote to the stresses of our modern lifestyles.

Safe Haven

Tollens G. Gardette Associated, these two colors create in our interiors a true haven of peace, comfort and sharing that we like to adopt.

Shock duo

Tollens G.Gardette In tandem, "Serenity" and "Rose Quartz" allow, on our walls or on our decorative accessories, to create the most pleasant two-tone effects.

With what color should the shade "Rose Quartz" and blue "Serenity" be associated?

Keurig Did you think it was impossible to combine these two colors with other colors? Think again ! The Pantone Institute has thought of everything! The latter thus supplied no less than eight palettes integrating these two shades. Beige, taupe, brown or Radiant Orchid… the choice is yours!

Complementary colors but not only!

Keurig "Serenity" and "Rose Quartz" offer a multitude of harmonies. They will be perfectly highlighted with neutral or darker shades. For a quirky and modern atmosphere, we will not hesitate to associate them with bright and dynamic colors such as yellow or orange.

Pantone mug

Pantone Want to adopt "Rose Quartz" or blue "Serenity" at home, but in small touches? We buy without delay this nice mug inspired by the famous Pantone color chart.


Pantone If the combination of blue, white and pink seems a little too cold, add some colorful or light wooden accessories to your table. An idea that will bring warmth and conviviality to this small space.

When Kitchen Aid turns to "Rose Quartz"

Kitchen Aid In terms of kitchen robots, the shade "Rose Quartz" joined in 2016, and this for our greatest pleasure, the color palette at Kitchen Aid. A pretty color that brings a touch of radiance and softness to our dining areas.

Refined and decorative

Crate & Barrel If these pretty cups already seduce us because of their pretty color, they will please us even more if they are combined with light wood, waxed concrete or wicker. We challenge you to test!