La Héronnière, a sculptural and contemporary family home

La Héronnière, a sculptural and contemporary family home

Located in Wentworth, Quebec, this contemporary wooden house is the work of Canadian architect Alain Carle. Intended to welcome a young family with their two children, this one was conceived in symbiosis with its environment and the privileged site which it occupies. We open the doors of this dream house, as comfortable as it is design.

A panoramic view

Adrien Williams The platform, used as an outdoor terrace by the owners, is the main element of the first floor. It offers a prime spot to admire the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Take advantage of external constraints

Adrien Williams The ground floor, for its part, was built between the rocks discovered in their vegetal carpet by time. The achievement is such that the construction seems to have always existed, as it has been able to integrate into the surrounding landscape.

Raw materials

Adrien Williams The massive use of wood outside and inside the building, combined with metal and concrete, gives it a sculptural and contemporary design that suits him perfectly.


Adrien Williams Associated with soft and natural colors, the raw materials selected are not at the expense of well-being. The house remains warm, soothing and in total harmony with the surrounding nature.

An original partition

Adrien Williams Centerpiece of the living room, the movable wooden partition is one of the curiosities of the house. Practical, it hides, in all discretion, the room leading to the staircase.

A sober and natural staircase

Adrien Williams Making the most of raw materials, the staircase with sober and minimalist lines gives access to the upper floor of the house.

Minimalist cuisine

Adrien Williams In the kitchen, no frills, just what is necessary without sacrificing comfort. State-of-the-art appliances, practical storage shelves and work plan with sharp lines make up this space with mineral tones.


Adrien Williams The mixture of styles and colors creates, in the living room and the dining room, an atmosphere of a great delicacy where the family likes to meet around the many tables which dress the space.

Contemporary design

Adrien Williams In the bathroom, a magnificent vanity top in blond wood, coupled with walls dressed in black and bright white reinforces the refined and cozy atmosphere of the place.