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Beautiful candle holders to light up the house

Beautiful candle holders to light up the house

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To bring warmth to your interior, nothing like the light of a candle. But did you know that you can sublimate it by placing it in a candle holder? We have selected for you 10 candlesticks which will be real decorative assets to illuminate your home.

A candlestick in balance

Black and Blum This very design candle holder has four candle imprints, the base of which is made up of intertwined metal wires. Very light, this candle holder seems to hold in balance as if the stems were snakes that we charm.

A bottle candle holder

Ferm living These original candle holders remind you of something? It's normal, it is inspired by the upper parts of wine bottles. The candle then takes place in what could be the neck. In terms of decoration, the fake bottle sports pretty colors and different sizes for a graphic effect when you play on accumulation.

A pyramid candle holder

Laurence Brabant Here, the candlesticks look more like soliflores and welcome the candles at the top. The different sizes allow you to create a kind of pyramid for a very sculptural decorative object.

A revisited baroque candlestick

Muuto With baroque accents while being very contemporary, this candle holder is made of modular pieces in a mixture of rubber and metal. The set can accommodate up to 7 candles to create an original sculpture.

A colorful candle holder

What if your candlesticks allowed you to bring color into your interior? Then use two identical candle holders in different colors to give pep's to a wooden coffee table for example.

A silver candle holder

La Redoute For a very classic style, choose a candlestick worked in a silver finish. We can then bet on candles colored in pink tones to create a romantic and precious atmosphere.

A cabinet of curiosity candle holder

Maisons du monde Since the cabinet of curiosity style is very trendy, do not hesitate to offer yourself a candle holder that reflects this spirit. You can for example opt for a candlestick which encloses the candles in small bird cages.

An oriental candle holder

Maisons du monde To bring an oriental touch and make your interior travel, bet on a wrought iron candlestick which will offer colored balls to diffuse the light of the candle in an even warmer way.

A classic candle holder

La Redoute Finally, to infuse a very chic note into your interior, you can opt for a crystal candlestick candlestick with pendants that will reflect the light of the candle.