Ideas for bringing decorative animals into your home

Ideas for bringing decorative animals into your home

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When it comes to decoration, animals no longer have to prove themselves and really act as trendy patterns. But how to use them in the house? This is a question that deserves an answer in 10 images!

A hunting trophy

In the decoration, the hunting trophies are all the rage for an original decoration. If you have collected a real trophy in a flea market, do not hesitate to give it a slightly more modern and offbeat style by, for example, decorating it with a pearl necklace.

Animals as decoration theme

If you like animals, you can make them the theme of your decoration. For this, you will for example decline the horse in different decorative accessories such as frames or statuettes to place on the furniture.

Insects on the walls

For a curiosity cabinet spirit with a bucolic twist, you can opt for insects on the walls. There is no shortage of performances and you will find butterflies, dragonflies as well as ladybugs to display on the walls.

Curiosities dress the chimney

To decorate this fireplace, we opted for funny cattle. Tusks and the beginning of a skull offer a colonial aspect to the decoration while sculptures of biscuit birds contrast with the tusks.

A reproduction of an animal

For a truly original style in your interior, you can opt for a life-size reproduction of a wild animal like this threatening-looking beast. For an even more original effect, a golden leash and a garland are installed around his neck.

Dog cushion

In this interior, the dog is the best friend of the decoration. And the real companion is not enough! The dog also settles as a motif on the cushions to create an offbeat style in the image of man's best friend.

A collection of trinkets

Do you collect animal trinkets? Display them proudly on a shelf by playing on accumulations for an original decorative effect, offbeat and above all in your image!

A bull in the house

For an original and contemporary trophy, we will bet on a bull's head carved in wood. Bullfighters and Camargue natives should appreciate the animal's nod.

An elegant watchdog

Looking for a guard dog that isn't noisy? Bet on a sculpture that represents a dog at attention to create a surprise in your interior. More ideas here!