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Quick, a carpet for my bedroom!

Quick, a carpet for my bedroom!

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With the drop in temperatures, it becomes urgent to heat the room to make it a cozy nest. Your ally? A carpet that will put your feet warm while providing a very cocooning feeling to the room. To help you get equipped, we have selected 10 ideas for a warm winter.

A carpet that evokes travel

Maisons du monde Do you prefer the heat of India? You can then treat yourself to a rug with an artisanal look that incorporates a patchwork of different patterns. Opt for a warm tone like pink, red or orange.

A shaggy rug

Fly The essential winter rug is the shaggy! With its long and thick wicks, it is soft and pleasant to the touch. It will bring a beautiful effect of material to your room while maintaining a very contemporary style.

A carpet overlay

Ikea For an original and warm effect, do not hesitate to multiply the rugs. In this room, we made the choice to have two large carpets made of natural fibers and to place a soft and cozy carpet as a lowering bed. The layering adds comfort and creates an original effect.

A patterned rug

Ikea For a hushed and mysterious atmosphere in your room, you can bet on a beautiful carpet whose dark background will welcome flower patterns in a deep green and an extinct red. It will be the only touch of color in the room because the rest will be dressed in black, white and very dark blue.

A carpet in the colors of the room

Ikea To create a cocoon feeling, you can opt for a carpet that will take on the tones of your decoration in order to wrap yourself in the room. Here, we have chosen a plain carpet in a deep pink which will be a little darker than the other shades of the room.

Wool carpet

Fly To soften the room and keep you warm, put on a light woolen carpet. It will bring a beautiful light to your room while creating a warm atmosphere. Then keep furniture and bed linen in the same tones as the carpet.

A carpet out of bed

Ikea To give a warm touch to the bedroom, you can opt for a lowering bed that you install on one side of the latter. On the motif side, you can bet on stripes or tiles by using a color of the bed linen.

Sheepskin rug

Fly Want to bring warmth to your room? We opt for a white sheepskin that we place down from the bed completely with a carpet that settles at the foot of the bed. Cocooning atmosphere guaranteed.

A carpet that contrasts with the decor

Purpose In this room, the carpet does not lack character! We have chosen a color opposite to that of the furniture and walls to create a very decorative contrast.