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10 table centerpiece ideas for Christmas

10 table centerpiece ideas for Christmas

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The magic of Christmas also comes through a successful holiday table. Are you looking for stunning and trendy decorative accessories to magnify it and impress your guests? The editorial team invites you to discover these 10 inspirations for your table.

Vases do you want some here


Soliflore, vase or pitcher, simple or graphic, with flowers where not, it is the object that we like. A charming asset of our Christmas party tables, it will bring a nice note of freshness and modernity with ease. The great idea: play on the symmetry of your decoration and bet on the accumulation for a festive spirit!

A candle holder in the shape of a conifer


Star of the holiday season, the Christmas tree naturally finds its place on our tables as a decorative element. In the form of a candle holder, it is accessorized using miniature balls for more effect!

A big owl

Houses of the world

Invite Mother Nature to your festive table with authentic Christmas decorations. Wooden lanterns, silver or immaculate candles in the shape of a conifer and in the center of the table a pretty owl. In fashion as in decoration, we fall for this night owl as graphic as playful.

A christmas wreath


Forget the all too common Christmas wreath hanging on the front door! We give a second youth to this traditional accessory by diverting it into a nice centerpiece for our holiday meals.

Luminous letters


Placed on your table to mark the end of year celebrations, this bright decoration with the inscription "Christmas" will bring a nice festive note to your table, with ease.

A glass globe


We already loved it enormously placed on the buffet to stage our memories and our little green plants, we love it as much if not even reinvented in the centerpiece for the holidays. Perfect to receive our light garlands or our Christmas balls, it allows all fantasies without breaking the bank.

Tall candlesticks

Of the House

For the holiday magic to fully operate, do not hesitate to install large candlesticks on your table for the themes of your table. Guaranteed effect!

A garland of branches

Aurélie Jeannette / Botanic

Otherwise, opt for a classic of the genre with a vegetable garland that you will accessorize with a light garland and Christmas balls. Mini budget, maximum effect!

A tealight holder with handle

Of the House

For a nice party centerpiece, think of the mini tealight holder that will easily find its place on this occasion. The right idea? Wrap it in wool. Christmas spirit guaranteed!