Stripes are top in the bathroom

Stripes are top in the bathroom

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In the bathroom, decorative patterns are rare. However, the stripes are ideal for bringing a little cheerfulness and energizing this room in the blink of an eye. In the shower or on the tiles, on the walls or on the floor, to customize a piece of furniture or even bath linen, there is no shortage of ideas for including them in the bathroom. To inspire you, here are some decor ideas where stripes go well in the bathroom.

A designer shower curtain

Sorema / Delamaison To use stripes sparingly in the bathroom, you can opt for a striped shower curtain, like this very stylish black and white model. The little extra? Combine it with a bath mat in the same colors.

Make a colorful frieze

Pamesa Ceramica With tiling, you can create a unique atmosphere in a bathroom. Patterns, friezes, colors ... Nothing is prohibited! Here, horizontal and vertical stripes contrast with the other multicolored geometric shapes present in the room.

Choose an original bath mat

Esprit Home In a sleek bathroom, add a little original decorative touch with a striped and colorful bath mat that will energize an immaculate bathtub. You can also install some decorative accessories to go with it.

Stripes on the walls

Castorama Here, the stripes take the form of a zigzag to better dress one of the walls of the room where the shower is located. They create an interesting optical effect and significantly enlarge the room.

An unusual shower

Corian Here's a shower that you won't see in everyone! In this bathroom, the walk-in shower is located in a striped and colorful space that energizes the space. You will enjoy getting up in the morning to go to your toilet!

Wallpaper in the bathroom

Jean-Louis Deniot The wallpaper in the bathroom is more and more trendy. To dress your walls warmly, this elegant model. You can also choose to paint stripes on the wall. The little extra? Extend the pattern on the floor, painting a parquet floor or laying a lino in the same color.

Striped shower screens

Castorama Notice to latecomers! These shower screens have the double advantage of being both design and also of hiding when you are in the shower so that the bathroom can be used by several people at the same time.

Opt for multicolored bath linen

Sorema / Delamaison Boosting your bathroom is easy! You just need to install bathroom accessories (toothbrush glass, soap dish, etc.) and its bathroom linen (towels, bath mat, etc.) with multicolored stripes. You will bring both color and good humor to the room.

Wall stripes

Pamesa Ceramica In this bathroom, we opted for a striped wall covering on one of the walls of the room. The latter can possibly be extended on a piece of furniture to create a total look in the bathroom.