Geometry inspires walls

Geometry inspires walls

To offer a very dynamic look to your wall, you can take inspiration from your geometry lessons! The walls are then adorned with graphic lines and geometric shapes that give character to the wall surface.

Lines to cross the wall

Saint Maclou And if you opt for a wallpaper that crisscrosses your wall? For this, we put on checkered wallpaper inspired by Scottish fabric. Choose sober colors to avoid the too strong visual effect.

Explore 3D

Castorama The geometry gets thicker when you bring in a third dimension on the walls. To give depth to your room, you will find wallpaper with patterns that give the impression of being in relief like these very retro cubes.

Kinetic patterns

Ferm Living Likewise, the geometric shapes with an impression of relief do not fail to enliven the walls. Your decor then takes on a kinetic art look, that is to say that the walls seem to be moving.

A geometric frieze

Bartsch Revisit the traditional frieze of the walls by creating a line of geometric patterns in painting. You can choose to create diamonds or squares halfway up the wall to create a base. In terms of decoration, opt for shades of color for an elegant style.

Determine spaces

Castorama In all your house, do not hesitate to determine spaces with color by painting only part by opting for geometric shapes. A rectangle to materialize the sink, another to highlight the corridor and voila.

Crazy triangles

The Collection For original walls that will not fail to ask you geometric puzzles, we put on this bold wallpaper whose pattern is entirely created from triangles in different directions. The result is disturbing.

Stripes and parallel geometry

Saint Maclou To energize a wall, nothing like scratches. You will naturally find wallpaper with this motif but you can also paint it in different colors. Make sure they are parallel for a very decorative effect.

Geometric circles

Saint Maclou Geometry is not just straight lines. Do not hesitate to bring the circle into your decor by opting for a wallpaper with large polka dots or by painting this shape yourself on a wall.

Geometric furniture

Leroy Merlin Finally, be aware that you can also create a geometric effect on the wall using furniture. For example, storage compartments are placed over the entire wall surface, opting for shapes of different colors that will create a graphic effect.