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Decorative tips for the dressing room

Decorative tips for the dressing room

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When you are lucky enough to own a dressing room, you might as well highlight it! Also, we have found some tips for you to integrate your wardrobe into your home and make it a very pleasant decor space. Follow the guide !

A dressing room as a room in its own right

Lapeyre Even if your dressing room is open to another room, be sure to make it a room in its own right. For this, we put on a different floor covering and special lighting. Then, Japanese panels are placed to separate the spaces.

A furnished dressing room

Fly For your wardrobe to be both decorative and comfortable, consider furnishing it outside the storage furniture. For example, place an armchair that will allow you to put your shoes on more comfortably.

A stylish wardrobe

Mobalpa To make the dressing room a trendy space, you can bet on furniture with a designer look with black and chrome finishes and paint the walls in a current color like blue.

A dressing room with decorated walls

Ikea The walls of your dressing room can also be decorated. For this, we put on elegant frames that can accommodate beautiful fashion photos or inspirations for your next looks.

A dressing room to define the space

Prato furniture Do your children share the same room? To allow them to coexist in good intelligence, the idea is to delimit your space using a dressing room. Two reading lamps on the bedroom side and drawers on the dressing room side, tossing a coin, this headboard has it all!

A dressing room to match the bedroom

Mobalpa If your dressing room is attached to your room, then choose a decoration in harmony with it. In this room, it is through feminine colors that the link is made with elegance.

A discreet dressing room

Quadro To make your dressing room blend into the decor of your bedroom, play the card of subtlety with materials in the same colors as the bedroom. Natural colors will be your allies to integrate the dressing room into the bedroom.

A bay window for my dressing room

Quadro If you are lucky enough to have a room dedicated to your dressing room, the trick is to create a partition using claustra glass doors that will create an airy and bright space. And for more comfort, you will install a soft armchair for pleasant and endless fitting moments.

A dressing room with sliding doors

123 pieces of furniture In the same spirit, you can also think of sliding doors which will have the advantage of not encroaching on the space dedicated to storage, while delimiting in a functional way your space. For a contemporary interior, you will select sober and minimalist sliding doors that will more easily match your decoration.

A dressing room with coordinated furniture

Saint Maclou To make your wardrobe harmonize perfectly with your bedroom, remember to coordinate the storage units with those in the bedroom. We choose for example the same wood species for the dressing room, the bed and the bedside tables.

A walk-in closet

Elmo Furniture Conversely, browse your entire wardrobe at a glance and access your clothes more easily by removing the doors from your dressing room. And, to make this set easy to live with, opt for well thought out options: shelves, pants hangers, pull-out laundry basket, basket or other drawers of your choice.

A boudoir-style dressing room

Elfa Organizing, personalizing and rationalizing your storage is the challenge you have set yourself. For a spacious, bright and comfortable walk-in closet, you will put on a pretty carpet on the floor, dare modular storage and bet on a pastel chaise longue. Guaranteed little boudoir atmosphere!

A built-in wardrobe

Quadro Are you short of space to create a wardrobe worthy of the name? Never mind ! Optimize the space by fitting your wardrobe into a closet. And if you still run out of space, you can always install storage furniture in a recess. You will also think of the lighting that will make it easier for you to find your clothes.

A dressing room with leds

Quadro Econome in the soul, also think of disseminating leds. Integrated into a rod or embedded in a plinth, they will enhance your wardrobe and its content!

A decorative wardrobe

Cahayaa Sometimes it takes little to bring a decorative touch to your interior. If you find your dressing room too bland and impersonal, don't hesitate to install stickers that will create a unique atmosphere in your room in the blink of an eye.

A sleek dressing room

Design and diy magazine Are you dreaming of a sleek wardrobe? It's possible ! For this, you will favor sober and natural shades and bet on furniture with simple lines that will give your room a peaceful atmosphere.

A graphic and decorative wardrobe

Sogal An ultra-decorative composition that would dress both your storage and your interior? Opt for a suspended sliding partition that will stand in contrast to the wood in the dressing room.


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