A gold Christmas Eve table

A gold Christmas Eve table

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As Christmas approaches, everything is brighter. Shop windows, shopping streets sparkle and trees decorate our homes. There is only one detail left to settle: how to decorate your Christmas Eve table? Here is a selection of beautiful sparkling decorations, all golden, which should boost your inspiration.

Nordic and golden

CR Décoration A Christmas meal outdoors, why not? Arm yourself with warm plaids and braziers. For the table, nice dishes, Christmas balls, candles - all adorned with gold - and voila. * Source: CR Décoration *

An alliance of nature and gold

Danielle Noce Gold and the pretty natural color of wood combine perfectly. The proof is with this table decoration and its artisanal pine cones touched up with golden paint. Very beautiful centerpieces enhanced by multiple small touches of gold. * Source: Danielle Noce *

Classic and chic

Horchow Doré sometimes rhymes with luxury. This beautiful porcelain table service bordered with gilding adorns the Christmas table by itself. * Source: Horchow *

Gold by touches

L'Ecri-early A beautiful table decoration is recognizable by the attention to detail. This New Years Eve table is a perfect example: the golden one invites itself by touches and comes to enhance the dishes and the white tablecloth. * Source: L'Ecri-early *

Golden peas

Maisons du Monde Proper decoration of a Christmas Eve table comes first and foremost through the choice of tableware. As in the picture, opt for a white service sprinkled with golden peas. Then decorate the table with candles of the same color and, why not, a little cherub. * Source: Maisons du Monde *

A golden decor and a touch of red

Zara Home To avoid falling into "too much", decorate your golden table decoration with a few red touches. * Source: Populayer *

Classic and chic in white and gold

Spring For a classic and chic table decoration at the same time, opt for a white and golden tableware. The little extra? Cutlery decorated with gold patterns. * Source: Spring *

Gold leaf on the table

The Table Scaper For a successful table decoration, place golden foliage around pretty candle holders in the center of the table. * Source: The Table Scaper *

Golden fir trees

Unique Decorz A pretty Christmas table must have at least one centerpiece. These little golden fir trees surrounded by candles are a perfect example. * Source: Unique Decorz *