New Marika Giacinti collection

New Marika Giacinti collection

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Beautiful destinations, fresh and delicate colors, a series of trendy prints and a few exclusives… here is the successful cocktail from the new Marika Giacinti collection. An inspired and inspiring collection that we invite you to discover. Focus!

The good companion

Romain Stepek We like the simple and modern lines, the soft and well-chosen nuances of these mold-made jars which can also serve as a container for our makeup equipment.

Beauty treatment

Romain Stepek Here are some pretty bottles that you will not hesitate to install in your living room as a vase for our seasonal flowers. Colorful and inspired, they are designed in Portuguese porcelain. A material selected by the designer because of its finesse, its lightness, the purity of its finishes and its colors.

Limited series

Romain Stepek Exclusive to this new collection: a pretty porcelain candle handcrafted by hand in France. We literally love its pure simplicity and its smell developed by perfumer Hans Hendley in New York.

Nice assortment

Romain Stepek A poetic atmosphere emerges from this new collection inspired by beautiful destinations: Kyoto, Amsterdam and Eastbourne to name a few. A series of cushions dressed in prints of the times and colors to fall that will easily find its place in an eclectic and bohemian interior.

Cushions collection

Romain Stepek The peculiarity of Marika Giacinti's products: the selected fabrics are the artist's favorites from all over the world: From the United States to Belgium, including France, India, England or Indonesia, the collection is a true ode to diversity and mixes of genres.


Romain Stepek It is cute, it is colorful, it is adorned with a cheerful chevron pattern and a nice pompom, signature of the designer ... This little cushion has decidedly everything good. To shop urgently!


Romain Stepek In the same vein, navy blue is brilliantly displayed on this knitted cushion with checkered patterns as trendy as it is decorative. A great way to bring a seaside touch to its interior.

Inspired gradients

Romain Stepek The mixtures of colors with a beautiful predominance of blue available in different materials and the little pompoms are definitely the emblems of this new collection. Create assortments and compositions, these are the watchwords of the brand.


Romain Stepek Ideal for lovers of geometric patterns, the Berlin cushion will brighten up your bedroom wonderfully. Special mention for its woolen cloth finish with black and white tiles.