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Patterned wallpaper is displayed in the living room

Patterned wallpaper is displayed in the living room

The decoration of the living room is still the subject of much attention. For this season why not bet on patterned wallpaper. In addition to bringing volume to your wall, it participates in the decor of your room while bringing its share of originality. Dragonflies, peas, plant or geometric patterns are to be abused without moderation.

Geometric patterns

Little Green ** Present without being stuffy, this wallpaper decorates the walls of the living room in all subtlety. On a wall or the entire room, it can be used with all colors. **

Patterns inspired by nature

Saint Maclou ** This wallpaper suits a Scandinavian decor. Like a work hanging on the wall, it decorates and impregnates the room with a touch of originality. **

XXL leaf patterns

Little Green ** Green your wall with this leaf motif paper. A duo of contrasting colors that revive a minimalist decor while providing maximum effect. **

Branch patterns

Ferm Living ** A variation of plant patterns that personalize your living room with style and fantasy. **

Animal patterns

Little Green ** Wake up a sleepy living room with this wallpaper with multiple blue dragonflies that, like pretty knotted ribbons, poetize the wall. **

Triangular patterns

Little Green ** A small piece of upholstered wall alone creates a lot of effects. His vintage-style designs imprint with tenderness and delicacy the 1950s. **

Graphic patterns

Little Green ** The 1960s motif by Orla Kiely is available in wallpaper. Here it is reproduced repeatedly and on a large scale. **

Polka dot patterns

Marie Claire ** Fall for this paper in a shades of purple, enhanced with yellow polka dots. It adds its chic ethnic touch and signs the bias of the decoration of this living room. **

Patterns in a country style

Saint Maclou ** This floral motif gives your wall a country feel. Ideal for those who want to revive their decoration with a decorative but discreet wallpaper! **