Selection of consoles as practical as decorative

Selection of consoles as practical as decorative

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Leaning against the wall, they occupy a minimum of space while adding storage space in the house. Often, they have the gift of combining two functions at the same time and always have a pronounced taste for aesthetics. Yes, consoles want us good, and we make them good. Panorama of 8 practical and chic styles that make us crack.

Console / desk

La Redoute ### Its narrow size earned it the price of discretion in the home. Also, when you don't have a place to invest your desk area, the console becomes the ideal solution. In the hallway or in the living room, it blends with the decor rather than breaking their harmony. Difficult to realize that this is actually a workspace ...

Console with integrated drawer

Delamaison ### Beware of appearances! Although sober, this console has the chic of having a storage drawer, super discreet, and so practical for hiding anything that is lying around… A life-size storage compartment!

Minimalist console

La Redoute ### If we flashed for this console, it's because its extra narrow, hyper graphic and highly pop look is irresistible to us… Minimalism yes, but with style and allure!

Transparent console

La Redoute ### Minimalism in another form, that's how it works! Rounded and refined lines, transparent Plexiglas… Aesthetics and design at the forefront!

Console / side table

Delamaison ### Another versatile console, just to please us. Side table when you need to work or have dinner, console when you want to make room, it indeed meets all our desires.

Console / dresser

La Redoute ### Convenient the console! With integrated drawers and shelves, it plays a real "storage space". Bet won because if one did not take into account its narrow format, one could quickly assimilate it to a chest of drawers.

Console / bottle holder

La Redoute ### Very organized, this kitchen console has taken care to maximize the space available under its main tray with storage for bottles.