So British striped wallpaper collection

So British striped wallpaper collection

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Teen blazers, City suits, polo or cricket club caps: in Britain, stripes are an institution. Cole & Son pays tribute to them with a collection of fresh, beautiful wallpapers, juggling brilliantly between elegance, classic style and dazzling colors! Summary in pictures.

Extra discreet stripes

Cole & Son ### Linen veil for this wall displaying a series of extremely fine and discreet stripes.

Marine stripes

Cole & Son ### Inspired by the seaside, these stripes fully adhere to the blue and white color code. Bayadères and a choice of pastel blue fill the space with sweetness!

Precious stripes

Cole & Son ### Alternating between khaki green and gold, these wide vertical stripes play it royally precious. A little Buckingham Palace side? What a question Sir!

Soft stripes

Cole & Son ### On a white background, delicate mineral-colored stripes gently energize the walls. Classic but surprisingly punchy.

Electrifying stripes

Cole & Son ### We fell in love with its extra fine stripes surfing on a brown palette that swing without moderation the vertical surface of our decor.

Dapper stripes

Cole & Son ### Light green, grass green, celadon green: here, the stripes are 100% green for a fresh and healthy glow.

Spaced stripes

Cole & Son ### On a creamy background, stripes equivalent to fine lines, brown or orange, subtly boost the atmosphere.

Golden stripes

Cole & Son ### Salmon and gold color chart for these stripes, perfectly suited to an atmosphere that is chic and feminine.

Classic stripes

Cole & Son ### Between light gray and white, between finesse and width, between stylized and classic effect, these stripes boldly awaken the walls.