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10 beautiful hoods for the kitchen

10 beautiful hoods for the kitchen

In the kitchen, the extractor hood is almost mandatory to eliminate odors but also to best limit the condensation that could form on the walls and deteriorate them. But no question that efficiency yields to aesthetics: we want a range hood that combines the two!

A sleek hood

Gorenje For an extractor hood that blends particularly well in the kitchen, we put on a model like the furniture. Here, the hood is very refined and the same color as the furniture so that it disappears from view.

An original hood

Gorenje If your kitchen is design style, you can opt for an original form like this model which presents several tables in order to give a very graphic structure which becomes the centerpiece of the kitchen.

A suspended hood

Gorenje In this kitchen, the extractor hood is not placed in a hat but is attached at an angle to the wall to avoid cutting the space above the hob. On the color side, it is doing well in a white setting. Only the appliances are dressed in black.

A chic hood

Gorenje In this kitchen with feminine accents, the extractor hood follows the movement with a glossy black finish and some patterns on the front. On the performance side, its large width allows very good suction.

A futuristic hood

Mobalpa You will find hoods that will really surprise you in your kitchen, like this round and very futuristic model which comes in two cylindrical parts. It easily finds its place in a modern kitchen.

A double hood

Aviva For a very decorative effect, you can also bet on a double hood. In this kitchen, two cylindrical hoods are installed above the hob for an original and very decorative effect.

A hood integrated into the ceiling

Roblin If you want your hood to be very discreet in your kitchen, you can integrate it into your ceiling provided that it is not too high. The hood then also discreetly lights.

A hood in line with the credenza

Ikea For a very decorative effect, think of matching your extractor hood to your splashback. If your tiles are black, you can for example opt for a very decorative matt black hood.

A modern hood

Conforama Finally, for a modern hood, we will choose a model that attaches to the wall. For the decorative effect, we put on a chrome finish and pure and rounded lines. It will bring the design touch to the kitchen.