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When doors and partitions play with transparency

When doors and partitions play with transparency

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Glass, plexiglass or glass bricks, the games of transparency gain verticality in the house. Result? Doors and partitions which let the light filter in, which give an overview and which separate without partitioning.

Transparency for the decorative side

Lapeyre ### Transparency is trendy! And for good reason, we like its sleek, design and minimalist rendering. Add to that immaculate white graphic patterns, and the style is brilliantly raised!

Transparency to benefit from daylight

Lapeyre ### Thanks to a transparent but opaque semi-partition between the bathroom and the patio, we supply the room with natural light.

Transparency to take advantage of the light in an adjoining room

Leroy Merlin ### Thanks to a glass brick wall, this bathroom benefits freely from the lighting in the bedroom, adjoining room.

Transparency for sight

Castorama ### Glass entrance doors have a major aesthetic advantage: giving the corridor a view of the outside. Greener, brighter the entrance hall!

Transparency to separate without obscuring

Toto ### Thanks to this transparent and opaque half partition, the "bath" corner gains in privacy without losing its brightness!

Transparency to gain fluidity

Lapeyre ### A sliding door between a play of mirrors and transparency, that brings chic to the bedroom! In addition, it seems to enlarge it and make it more fluid…

Transparency to separate the space in two

Castorama ### Divide the bathroom in half, sink area, shower area or WC, it's possible with a partition made of glass block. So the two halves benefit equally from the light…

Transparency next to the door

Leroy Merlin If you chose a solid entrance door, but still want to take advantage of the outside light in the entrance, knock down a wall to replace it with a large glass partition.

Transparency to open up spaces

Rimadesio Today, we like to enjoy the great outdoors while keeping a few boundaries. The easiest way to answer these two ideas: adopt large walls of bay windows! Light thus circulates in all rooms without difficulty.

Transparency to lighten the decor

Leroy Merlin In a corridor that has opted for a dark paint, you can choose to lighten the decor by choosing a transparent door. Not all rooms lend themselves to it either, we suggest you rather dare it for the bathroom.

Transparency to free up spaces

Verrière Atelier Artiste Do you have the desire for an open kitchen but the odors in the living room slow you down? By installing a large glass roof, you can enjoy the view of the living room while keeping a real separation between the two rooms.

Transparency for privacy

Leroy Merlin To benefit from a beautiful light in the bathroom, while preserving this small corner of intimacy, choose a large obscured window. Here, it offers a beautiful light on the bathtub.

Transparency to create an atmosphere

Leroy Merlin To give your bathroom a Zen and relaxing atmosphere, why not put partitions made of glass bricks around the bathtub? The latter do not obstruct the light and create a secret little cocoon.

Transparency for originality

Leroy Merlin So that your front door does not look like that of your neighbor, adopt a model where three transparent bubbles form a decor. Original, right?

Transparency to give style

Artist Workshop Canopy To give an artist studio style to your kitchen, break a section of wall to install a large and beautiful canopy open on the entrance. You almost feel like in a loft, don't you think?


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