20 gourmet gift ideas to offer at Christmas

20 gourmet gift ideas to offer at Christmas

You do not know what to offer at Christmas to your gourmet loved ones? Do not panic ! Here are the ideas to prick on Pinterest to make a nice gift with your little hands! Culinary do it yourself that will be all pretty personalized attention to slip under the tree!

A basket filled like in the United States!

Country living The pleasure of giving, the joy of receiving! Concoct a well-filled basket for your friends or your in-laws, for example. You can add homemade jam, cookies and home-made brioche or terrines. Enough to delight the good living and make your gift last over time. Source:

A homemade cookie preparation

Looks like white If preparations for cakes or cocktails in jars have become essential on store shelves, you can completely make one with your little hands! Simply superimpose the ingredients on top of each other in a jar, which you can then customize with a label in Christmas colors. Source:

A kit to make a smooth hot chocolate

Bubbly nature creations To please a chocolate lover, create yourself a set of treats to make hot chocolate. Dark or white chocolate chips, cocoa, small chamallows… Let your imagination run wild! Place everything in empty Christmas balls for creative and unusual packaging! Source: Bubbly nature creations

Home made chocolate spoons Chocolate spoons, to be melted in hot milk or coffee, are very trendy but a little expensive. However, they are very simple to reproduce at home! On small spoons, place melted chocolate, which you will sprinkle with colorful vermicelli, nuggets or food decorations. If you are good at drawing, try to make shapes! Source:

A comforting cake

Lilluna This recipe will please food lovers and vegetarians! It will allow you to make an orange and cinnamon cake, to personalize with a nice card. The little decorative touch in addition? Wrap the cake well and add a pretty ribbon. Source:

An assortment of aromatic herbs like no other

Bubbly nature creations If you know cooking enthusiasts, offer an assortment of aromatic herbs. Put each herb in an original shaped bulb and you will have a useful and decorative gift! Source:

A unique scent!

Just Putzing In just five minutes of preparation and cooking, you can make extracts of fruit, flowers or vegetables yourself. Use lemon, mint leaves or even vanilla with alcohol like vodka to extract the scent of each food. You will get a lot of unique scents! Source:

Chocolate test tubes!

Kirsty You have no idea to please a Physics / Chemistry teacher or a science lover? Prepare a kit for hot chocolates with test tubes. Put in each of them cookies, chamallows, sugar or chocolate chips to melt. Add a set of cups or mugs for a larger gift. Source:

A rolling pin with your name

Mood for wood To make fully personalized cookies, write your name on each of them using this unusual rolling pin from the brand MoodForWood. Entitled "Made by", it beautifully stamps the dough. To shop on the Etsy website for around 32 euros! Source:

A somewhat special panettone!

Créaprovence 2011 The food blogger "Prunille puts on a show" invites you to bake panettone, a traditional Italian Christmas cake, in a tube! A way to prepare this pastry in a smaller volume, easier to offer and to eat! Source:

The perfect gift for lovers of good wine

Shop Terrain In your entourage, you necessarily know someone who knows about vineyards. Give him a good bottle of wine and cover it in kraft paper, so you can personalize your packaging. Mark a small word with chalk on black paper or add a pretty ribbon around the neck for example. Source:

A simple and feminine present

One good thing by Jillee Make homemade jam, with the favorite fruit of the person to whom you want to give a gift, and make a nice decoration on the cover using a craft paper or a fabric for example . You can also wrap flowers or lavender to accompany the present. Source:

Barley sugar lollipops

A1 pictures With classic barley sugars, here is a simple and delicious recipe for making heart-shaped lollipops. Something to amaze children and please a friend or your darling! Source:

A nice sachet of toasted almonds

Wow DIY Toast almonds with a little cinnamon and place them in a bag that you have personalized. If you prefer a sweet version, you can completely caramelize almonds or hazelnuts. Source:

Small butterfly-shaped cones

Light Camera Monkey Whether for children or your best friend, these small paper cones can contain candies or chocolates. With a colorful butterfly on top, hang the name of the person for whom this gift is intended. Source:

Homemade lemon curd

Secrets des coquettes If you have pie lovers around you, forget the umpteenth cookbook and prepare yourself a "lemon curd" aka a delicious lemon cream which allows you to make lemon pies. And to extend the gift, offer the lucky one to have a pastry afternoon with him / her! Source:

An original candy box

Club Chica Circle Here is a very girly DIY to make a cupcake-shaped candy box. Follow the steps carefully so that your object looks as much as possible to this typical American pastry. You can of course make boxes of different sizes. Source:

Homemade bath salts

Living Locurto This is a very girly idea to slip under the tree! Rosemary's bath salt recipe is easy to make and the blogger even offers you labels to print and stick on the jar you are going to offer. Source:

Offer a champagne like no other!

The Humanosphere Who says Christmas often says champagne! Impress your guests by offering a bottle of this sparkling alcohol in a pineapple-shaped packaging! Using yellow and green papers and Ferrero Rocher, these chocolates wrapped in golden paper, make a real exotic fruit around the bottle. Guaranteed effect! Source: