Decorative Coaching: Catherine's Spa Bathroom

Decorative Coaching: Catherine's Spa Bathroom

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After a fire that ravaged part of her home, Catherine decided to renovate the whole of her large house in the Paris suburbs. The perfect opportunity to finally realize the bathroom of your dreams: a spa-like, Zen and relaxing bathroom with a large shower in the middle of the room. Catherine therefore called on the interior decoration coaching agency Mon Interior Sur Mesure to transform her bathroom.

The layout plan after the works

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure We choose to create a shower in the middle of the room. For this, we set up a wall with on the one hand a storage part with cupboards and on the other hand, the walk-in shower. In order to take advantage of the natural light coming from the opening on the terrace, we erect a wall of glass bricks of rounded shape in order to create two axes of circulation on either side of the shower.

The trend board

My Custom Interior Agency In order to recreate the zen and natural ambiance of a spa, we opt for sandstone tiles with pebble measurements at the basins. The furniture is made of raw light wood in order to conserve this natural warmth. Roma PREMIUM indoor tiles in sandstone, evening white, 45 x 45 cm, Leroy Merlin. Riviera ARTENS mosaic, beige, Leroy Merlin. Resource paintings, about 4 liters, Iris from the Madonna c10. Shiny, transparent wavy Pegas glass brick, Leroy Merlin. Single bowl Fjord white glass basin, W60xL12xD45.5 cm. Complete wall-mounted concealed shower combination, chrome-plated Milana mixer, Leroy Merlin. LUX ELEMENTS square shower tray, 120x120 cm. Fjord mirror with integrated lighting, W60xH70xD18 cm. 15 adjustable Maka steel spotlights Inspire, Leroy Merlin. Fjord vanity unit in natural oak, W59xH61.5xD45, 2 drawers.

3D day view of the spa bathroom

Agence Mon Interieur Sur Mesure Two basins are provided on each side of the bay window so that the gentleman's belongings are well separated from those of the madam.

3D night view of the spa bathroom

Agence Mon Interieur Sur Mesure By night, the shower will be lit thanks to recessed spotlights on the floor, arranged all around the glass brick wall.