Ideas for making your own Advent calendar

Ideas for making your own Advent calendar

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Increasingly in vogue in our interiors, creative leisure decorates the decor with adorable homemade creations to which the festivities of December lend themselves particularly. First on the list: an Advent calendar. Because with paper, fabric, markers and a little glue, it is easy to afford a unique and 100% personalized model, far from the copies on the market. The proof with the 8 ideas of choice that here, to realize, of course, with your children.

An Advent calendar garland

Hiding place ### A long wire, scraps of fabric cut in the round and a marker to number them from 1 to 24, this is all the material necessary for making an Advent calendar "garland" like this one here, simple, but chewable!

A bird advent calendar

Truffaut ### Pretty little birds hanging on masking tape ribbons form a funny calendar in the shape of a Christmas tree! To make with children!

A homemade Advent calendar

Truffaut ### With planks of wood to be completely repainted, we make a semblance of a house on which we glue 24 paper patterns in the shape of boxes. Each of them is hung with numbered circles to be returned as the month progresses.

An Advent calendar in bags

Ikéa ### On a magnetic sticker in the shape of a tree, we come to fix twenty small bags to fill with small gifts. What to wait until Christmas!

An extra flat Advent calendar

Stash ### A large cardboard box on which we write the 24 numbers evoking the countdown to Christmas, to cover one by one with a sticker, this is another fun and very simple Advent calendar to manufacture !

A fabric Advent calendar

Lexington ### For parents who are sewing, the Advent calendar could take shape around a fabric that has 24 pockets…

A curved Advent calendar

Ikea ### Small decorative paper bags that are numbered from 1 to 24, that are filled with small gifts or delicacies and that are hung on a hanger using a pretty ribbon: this is how to improvise a fun and generous Advent calendar!


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