A decorative garden even when the weather is not nice!

A decorative garden even when the weather is not nice!

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It is not because we no longer enjoy the garden as much as we would like that it should not be decorative. So for a beautiful garden even in autumn and winter, we have found decor ideas for you!

A beautiful mailbox

Maisons du monde From the entrance of the house, the garden puts on a show by hosting an aesthetic mailbox. We put for example on a retro model which will be most beautiful effect in front of the house. The postman can only appreciate!

Decorative sculptures

Maisons du monde To decorate your garden, you will find many sculptures to install on the terrace or directly on the lawn. For a Zen garden, we will choose for example a Buddha who will distill his wisdom throughout the garden.

A garden greenhouse

Maisons du monde To welcome your plants during the winter and give your garden a decorative air, you can opt for a garden greenhouse. We opt for a retro model in wrought iron with windows that will insulate the plants from the cold.

A fountain in the garden

Maisons du monde To give a very soothing air to your garden, invest in a fountain that you will place in your lawn. You will find models which resemble real sculptures in the manner of this model of Asian inspiration which will bring a very Zen style to your exterior.

Japanese steps

Castorama To decorate your garden using the ground surface, you can use Japanese steps to create a small path in your lawn. Not only is it pretty but it will keep your shoes from the humidity of the grass.

A romantic arbor

Leroy Merlin To give a romantic air to the garden, you can use a small arbor which will show a passage in your alleys for example. You can use climbing plants to dress the structure.

Beautiful lighting

Leroy Merlin As night falls very quickly in this season, do not hesitate to create decorative lighting in your garden. You will find luminous pots for an original style or luminous spots to place on the walls or to embed in the ground.

A decorative cabin

Leroy Merlin To store all the tools or pool accessories that you no longer need during the winter, treat yourself to a garden shed with a decorative look. You will find small cabins to install. Our favorite: the purple paint of it.

Decorative barriers

Castorama Finally, for a beautiful garden, do not neglect the boundaries of your property. Choose beautiful barriers that will let you see through so you don't feel trapped. If you can, do not hesitate to match your fences to your gate. Ask for a quote for your portal.