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My living room turns to the fireplace

My living room turns to the fireplace

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If you have a fireplace in your living room, you will have to organize it to take advantage of the view of the flames and the heat throughout the winter. On the other hand, your fireplace will have to integrate with the style of your living room to create a beautiful harmony. So, to help you turn your living room towards your fireplace, here are 10 inspirations.

A very present fireplace

Maisons du monde In this room, the imposing black fireplace is a real decorative asset. We place the furniture parallel to the fireplace so as not to overwhelm the living room and we play on a color contrast by adding another strong room with the sofa to balance the room.

A fireplace in an oriental room

Maisons du monde To associate your fireplace with your oriental style living room, you will dare to color on the walls with a beautiful dark plum which will bring out the chosen marble fireplace which will remind Indian palaces. Recall white in fairly classic style armchairs.

A fireplace in the countryside

Maisons du monde If you live in a beautiful house with character in the countryside, your stone fireplace will be the starting point for your living room. You will choose furniture in natural colors to soften the room and you will bet on charming furniture such as a rattan armchair.

A classic fireplace

Maisons du monde For your classic decor around the fireplace, arrange the coffee table as an extension of the fireplace. Then install on both sides of the fireplace a sofa and a classic armchair. All occupants will have a beautiful view of the fire.

A designer fireplace in the wall

Leroy Merlin If your fireplace has designer lines while being integrated into a wall of the room, turn your living room in front of the fireplace so that it presents itself as a spectacle like a television. Add an armchair that will back to the wall to bring a good balance.

An imposing fireplace

Leroy Merlin Note that your fireplace is not required to dictate your decoration of the living room. Here, the very classic imposing fireplace also finds its place in a colorful and quirky decor by settling in the continuity of the living room.

A fireplace between two armchairs

Brisach For the fireplace to take an important place in the living room, place two armchairs on either side of the fireplace, taking care to match them to the style of your fireplace. It is then the latter that will set the tone of the show and architect it.

A fireplace in a partition

Ikea If your fireplace is installed in a partition in order to open onto two rooms, do not turn your living room towards the latter but rather place your sofa on the side in order to give space to the room.

A stove in the living room

Brisach Note that you can also turn your living room to a stove. Place it on one side of the living room, where you would install an armchair near the sofa to benefit from the proximity of the fire.