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Black trend in the teenage bedroom

Black trend in the teenage bedroom

Whether teens are rebellious or looking for their own personality, black is a color that never fails to attract them. At the same time deep and mysterious, it reflects well the period of adolescence when the character asserts itself and a certain intimacy more and more requested. So we don't hesitate and let the dark enter the teenage bedroom!

Contemporary black

Alinéa For an up-to-date teenage bedroom with contemporary furniture, we play the graphic card by applying black on the furniture and leaving the walls white. The contrast gives character to the decor and we will add pops of color like red and blue for a warmer effect.

Urban black

Alinéa For an urban atmosphere in your boy's room, you can afford to paint a wall in black. For this, prefer a slate paint to allow your teenager to express himself on the walls and to change his decor.

Glamorous black

Purpose Black is also a very elegant color that girls are sure to like, as in this room where black furniture and a section of black wall combine with fuchsia pink for a very glamorous style that will appeal to young women in the making.

Black New York

Purpose For a New York style decoration, black will be a real centerpiece of the decor! It is applied on a wall panel, bed linen and some accessories. We then choose touches of red to enhance the decor and we do not forget a black and white painting with the image of the city.

Black English

Aim If your teenager prefers the English Channel than the Atlantic, black will also play a key role for an English underground spirit. Choose a section of wall with black and white tags (paint or wallpaper) and finish the decor with English flags.

Female black

Fly To combine black furniture with a feminine style for a teenage girl, we decide by choosing a light pink color on the walls. Black becomes elegant and highlights the line of furniture in a feminine and rather chic decor.

Black loft

Fly Finally, to give a loft spirit to the teenage bedroom, we put on a white brick imitation wall and we choose a mezzanine bed to clear the space of the bedroom. It is also the furniture that will impose its intense black color in the bedroom and give a more raw style to the decor.