30 DIY to make your TV stand

30 DIY to make your TV stand

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Have you found a pretty classic style wooden piece of furniture on a flea market and want to give it color? Do you want to divert and personalize an Ikea shelf? And why not make yourself unique and original furniture, adapted to the configuration of your room? Do you want to embark on a real construction project? Discover our thirty inspirations unearthed on Pinterest.

Ikea's Hemnes customized

Made 2 Style Sometimes you don't find exactly the furniture you want. Here, the blogger of Made 2 Style undertook to slightly modify the HEMNES of Ikea. She notably created a background of furniture covered with wallpaper. Source: Made 2 Style

Industrial pallets

Pallet Furniture DIY Create an industrial-looking TV bench yourself using recycled pallets and a few wrought iron rods. Source: Pallet Furniture DIY

From old to modern

Abby Lawson / Just a Girl and Her Blog Sometimes it only takes a few things to completely transform and modernize an old dresser. Here, you just have to sand and then repaint the furniture in a modern color. Source: Just a Girl and Her Blog

A little gold leaf

The Every Girl Here is another IKEA classic, the Besta Burs desk. To make it more attractive, we cover its feet with gold leaf. Source: The Every Girl

Pallet wood works wonders

101 Pallets For this pretty Scandinavian-style TV stand, we are inspired by mid-century decorative fashion. Please note, this DIY requires great handyman agility. Source: 101 Pallets

A DIY console

Shanty 2 Chic We never tire of these pretty pieces of furniture built from A to Z ... This impressive console allows you to store DVDs and electronic devices. Source: Shanty 2 Chic

For DIY enthusiasts

Build Something Here is an easy-to-build TV cabinet model. Choose the color that will best match the rest of your interior. Source: Build Something

Small shelf

Just Call Me Homegirl For all those who would not dare, or would not know, to embark on the construction of a real piece of furniture, here is a good solution. Make this small shelf which will then be enough to place on any chest of drawers to transform it into a TV stand. Source: Just Call Me Homegirl

Revisited reel

1001 Pallets You had to think about it. In this DIY, we use a large wooden coil cut in half as a base for the TV. Source: 1001 Pallets

Two shelves

Shanty 2 Chic Simpler to build than a console with multiple doors, these two shelves are perfectly placed under a hanging TV. Source: Shanty 2 Chic

Recycle pallets

Pallet Furniture DIY We can do everything with pallets. The proof in pictures with this pretty TV stand and its steel feet. Source: Pallet Furniture DIY

More palettes

101 Pallets Pallets are definitely an inexhaustible source of inspiration for DIY enthusiasts in this world. Source: 101 Pallets

Boards and pipes

What Rose Knows It's crazy that you can do with two wooden planks, old cast iron pipes, a little paint and a lot of imagination. Source: What Rose Knows

Concrete for a raw formwork look

Indie Days / Talvitie Design 9 squares of cement and two wooden planks are enough to build this beautiful TV stand. Source: Indie Days

More than just a TV bench

101 Pallet Ideas Without a doubt the most complex DIY to produce from our slide show: a true multimedia piece of furniture designed to make any cable disappear. Source: 101 Pallet Ideas

Dress up your dresser

Handimania This is a very simple DIY to make. Just repaint an old dresser and remove doors and drawers. Source: Handimania

Pallet wood for a rustic look

Pallet Furniture DIY If you are a fan of the rustic style, look no further, this is the DIY you need! Create a TV stand with boards recovered from pallets. Source: Pallet Furniture DIY

Simple overlay

Cashmere and Plaid Here, we tried to fix four wooden crates together. Guaranteed effect! Source: Cashmere and Plaid

For a campaign decoration

Remodelaholic The charm of the old with a touch of rustic ... This TV stand is however perfectly new! Source: Remodelaholic

A designer TV console

Homemade Modern Tired of seeing this TV stand enthroned in your living room enthroned in your living room? That's good, we have the ideal tutorial! Blond wood planks, metal feet, good patience and dexterity ... this is what you will need if you decide to take the plunge. More info on this DIY: Homemade Modern

A modern tv stand

Infarrantly Creative To give new life to an Ikea Kallax shelf, the blogger of Infarrantly Creative has added feet to it, thus turning this piece of furniture into a retro TV console. The result throws! Source: Infarrantly Creative

A revamped Ikea furniture

Ikeahackers We would not have thought about it and yet the result is sublime! Customized using colored doors and conical compass feet, this Ikea piece of furniture is given a second lease of life thanks to the latest trend in Ikea hacking. And we love it! More info on this DIY: Ikeahackers

A patterned fabric

Made 2 Style A wooden board, a patterned fabric and an Ikea piece of furniture are enough to transform a basic piece of furniture into an original piece full of personality. The proof in pictures! More info on this DIY: Made 2 Style

A piece of furniture made using pallets

Funky junk interiors In recent years, palettes have inspired budding designers. Easy to find and work with, it turns into an original and charming TV cabinet here. More info on this DIY: Funky junk interiors

Industrial furniture

Simplicity in the South On is inspired by the codes of the industrial style which divert furniture intended for workers' work to make this pretty piece of furniture. The idea? Completely repaint an old piece of furniture that has come out of the attic with metal effect paint with copper, aluminum, cast iron or zinc appearance. More info on this DIY: Simplicity in the South

A DIY row

Operation Home To make this row, assemble wooden storage boxes that you have taken care to paint in the color of your choice and mount it on wooden legs. Once assembled, all you have to do is install a wooden tray on top. Mini budget, maximum effect! Source: Operation Home

DIY doors for my TV stand

Wattlebird Tired of seeing crowds in front of everyone, DVDs and other trinkets in your TV console? The solution for handmade doors! To do this, you just need to get a cardboard box, gift wrap, a button and arm yourself with your scissors and glue. All you have to do is follow Annie's explanations from the friendly Wattlebird blog. We challenge you to take the plunge! Source: Wattlebird

Paint an old piece of furniture

Our Blue Front Door What if painting allowed you to revive your old raw wood furniture that you like so much? On the program, blue paint and that's it! What give dynamism to a soft living room and give a unique look to your furniture in less than two! More info on this DIY: Our Blue Front Door

Furniture diverted from its primary use

Two twenty one Painting an overly classic piece of raw wood furniture and removing a few drawers is a good idea to make new with old. After repainting it with an acrylic paint, it only remains to vibrate it with a bleached effect paint. The result ? A little romantic side that suits him perfectly! More info on this DIY: Two twenty one