10 incredible houses made from containers

10 incredible houses made from containers

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In a spirit of environmental protection and sustainable development, more and more homes are built from containers, initially dedicated to the transport of goods. Here is our selection of the most beautiful residences around the world made in this unusual material.

A very geometric residence

Vincent Fillon This building, made up of several dwellings, was tailor-made in a very linear and cubic spirit. To build an apartment, two containers were needed. The stairwells are located outside to ventilate the overview and separate the different buildings. Source:

An unusual restaurant

Design Boom Beyond residences, restaurants are also taking up recycling, like this London address, designed by the architects of the Softroom company. Resolutely in tune with the times, raw and colorful, this good table combines design and gastronomy to perfection. Source:

A family home in trompe l'oeil

Small houses woon It doesn't sound like that, but this building in the state of Oklahoma in the United States was well designed using five industrial containers. Robust and modern, it is very bright thanks to its large bay windows and blends into the landscape thanks to the bricks affixed to certain walls. Source:

Create an opening to the outside

Flag Staff This Arizona container home was made from six recycled shipping containers. These two floors provide a pleasant and warm setting to this incredible house. The terrace is very well thought out visually since it is made from wooden slats, in line with the lines of the walls. With a picture window or a French window, access to the terrace is simplified and the interior is immediately brighter. Source:

A little architectural gem

Buzzfeed At first glance, you wouldn't think so, and yet this sublime home is beautiful and well made from containers! A great way to divert this very specific material, to make it a dwelling on three floors with spacious balconies and high winds to protect from the sun's rays. Source:

An ecological house

Zeutch This charming house, imagined in a spirit of sustainable development, was built in the middle of the forest. Created by Modulus teams, it has different spaces for cooking, working or relaxing, all in an idyllic and very calm setting. Source:

Everything that's small is cute !

Tiny house living This little house has the advantage of having a panoramic roof where you can enjoy the view! Placed on the grass as a block, it is functional and ecological since it is made of recycled materials. Source:

A very natural house

DwellBox This residence was entirely built with containers intended for the transport of goods. With its beige color, it blends into the forest landscape that surrounds it. Weather resistant and indestructible, it is not ready to be destroyed! Source: (// Homes +))

Playing on lines and shapes

Homedit Who said that the containers were reserved for industrial constructions? In this very designer family house, the walls were built with containers, which structures the space and creates a vertical pattern. Consider painting a section of wall in a pastel color, which will be less aggressive. Source:


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