Cubes are popular

Cubes are popular

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The cube-shaped furniture is revolutionizing and taking over our living room for our greatest pleasure. Forget the curvaceous furniture, we return to cubic, timeless shapes and absolute sobriety. Simple, practical and compact, the cubes have not said their last word. We stack them, we align them, we place them here and there in our living room… All combinations are possible to make your living room a trendy space.

Baroque inspiration

Maisons du Monde Bringing a glamorous and elegant touch to your living room is possible thanks to the sublime tufted silver pouf by Maisons du Monde, which will ensure comfort on all occasions. Madly original, it will bring a baroque note to your interior in the blink of an eye.

Industrial spirit

Tema Home You like industrial decoration and you want to create a loft spirit in your living room. The Tema Home design wooden end table will seduce you. Very trendy, the concrete effect will give character to your interior while bringing it a refined style.

Useful storage boxes

But Organize your interior with these sublime storage boxes seen at But. Ideal for storing newspapers, photos or other souvenirs, they will bring a warm and very natural touch to your interior.

Designer storage furniture

3 Suisses Do you want to change some furniture to optimize your comfort and storage while bringing a touch of color to your living room? Kolorcaz furniture is made for you! Modular and built-in as desired, choose the color that will suit your interior. Yellow, red, blue, white ... you are spoiled for choice.

A two in one very practical

Delamaison Perfect in an interior with a contemporary style, these bright cubes will bring a pretty soft light in your living room. You can also divert them to make an original coffee table.

Nordic charm

Maisons du Monde Do you want to get away from it all? The Newport white end table is for you. Elegance and sobriety are essential to give your living room an atmosphere of a refined seaside home. Its wooden finish will bring a little touch of sun and light to your interior.

An ultra-smart computer cube

La Camif A clever idea that this end of sofa which is connected in the blink of an eye to your desires to become a small high tech design computer furniture. Composed of a box with 4 steel supports, you can store your laptop and printer there. The telescopic top will support your screen and the accompanying mouse.

Pop atmosphere

Castorama Cubes are popular in this living room full of energy and ultra-vitamin. Yellow, pink, red, beige, black, white or gray… we accumulate them to reinforce the arty pop side of its interior.

A trendy fireplace

Archiexpo Offer a real trendy and decorative style to your modern interior, by relying on the Alpha Linea cube fireplace, original, design and space-saving. Its plus: it will give the illusion of a real wood fire without its drawbacks. Warm atmosphere and well-being guaranteed.


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