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Mediterranean spirit in decoration

Mediterranean spirit in decoration

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On the Mediterranean side, the decor does not take the same "seaside" accents as near the Atlantic. The decoration is more sunny and it is the imprint of the south which marks the decoration. To create this spirit at home, discover our inspirations.

Decorative shutters

Maisons du monde In the south, residents are used to protecting themselves from the sun with louvers. So for a very sunny decor, you can choose furniture that reminds of the shutters like this beautiful headboard and furniture with wooden slats.

Sunny blue

Maisons du monde For a refreshing decor, we put on a combination of azure blue with white. The whole decor will then be very bright and in line with the good weather in the south.

A seaside room revisited

Maisons du monde In the south, the seaside style takes on more sober accents than on the Atlantic side. You will opt for white, wood and some very light reminders of blue. In this room, it is the painting that evokes the navigation that sets the tone.

A white room

Alinéa To make the most of the southern sun rays, we put on an interior where white is the predominant color. And for the furniture, bet on warm wooden furniture and an exotic touch.

A living room with a reminder of blue

Alinéa To bring a Mediterranean spirit into your living room, simply integrate a blue wall in a decor with natural colors. Think of a linen sofa that will remind you of the sand to make you feel by the sea!

A Mediterranean bathroom

Alinéa To bring the seashores of the south of France into your bathroom, bet on a turquoise blue which will remind the Mediterranean and opt for a pebble floor which will evoke the beaches of Nice.

A sunny bathroom

Paragraph In the bathroom, you can also choose to bring the sun into your room using colors such as white and beige. For the furniture, we will choose a beautiful caramel wood with exotic accents.