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Île de Ré spirit throughout the house

Île de Ré spirit throughout the house

Did you spend your holidays on the Ile de Ré and fell in love with it? Then reproduce the seaside spirit in your decor to extend your vacation without leaving your home! Here are our decor ideas.

A seaside bathroom

Leroy Merlin The bathroom can also be inspired by the seaside for its decoration. We then put on blue walls as well as furniture and a slightly gray wooden floor that evokes the driftwood found on the beaches.

An original seaside decor

Essix home To create an original decoration in your bedroom, you can opt for a fairly modern white canopy bed and accessorize it with a fishing net as a curtain. The decor is set!

Small fish in the decor

Spoiler To wink at the seaside in your decoration, think of the candle jars and other decorative accessories that display fish as patterns. You will create an ideal holiday atmosphere.

Seaside curtains

Bouchara To dress the windows like the seaside, we put on a striped fabric that mixes different blues and gray. Play with a white decoration for the walls because it is the curtains that will create the decor.

Seaside bed linen

Essix home To set the tone in the bedroom, you will put on bed linen that evokes the sea with beautiful blue, white and red stripes. Complete the decor with decorative lanterns as you slip a cord to create a garland.

The seaside table

La Mediterranea Fancy a special table setting to taste the seafood from the catch of the day? Opt for blue plates with a coral motif. Contrast with a few red objects and add a fish to decorate the table.

Ile de Ré cuisine

Maisons du monde For cooking as on vacation, the kitchen also opts for the "seaside" spirit by betting on white furniture that evokes beach huts. We also select a very dark blue on the wall to bring out the furniture.

Seaside accessories

Maisons du monde To give your living room a seaside look, bet on accessories. We think of a table that takes the aesthetic of driftwood, a lamp with pebbles, all in a blue and white decor.

Seaside for teens

Maisons du monde For a holiday spirit in the teenage bedroom, we will bet on light blue and white. The furniture is made of wood and the accessories feature natural materials for a very soft decor.

A marine atmosphere cuisine

Maisons du Monde With its white paneled furniture and planks on the wall which seem to have been recovered from an old fishing boat, this kitchen has all the ingredients for a successful seaside style.

A room with a sea air

Maisons du Monde This seaside-style room has won us over with a few decorative details that we quickly catch. Boards as a headboard, a rattan chest and armchair, white and gray bed linen, and the atmosphere is there.

Seaside decor on the terrace

La Redoute To refine your seaside decor on the terrace, select wooden deckchairs in well-chosen colors: white and red. Some blue cushions with fish decor and here we are on the road to the Ile de Ré.

A seaside outdoor table

Ikea To impress your guests at dinnertime outdoors, choose a seaside theme that you will respect from A to Z. Sea pillows, fishing nets, lanterns, lifebuoy are staged to create a very original decor .

A lounge with a seaside look

Maisons du Monde Wicker woven for the ottoman and the sofa, rattan for the rocking chair, seagrass for the carpet, this white-clad living room breathes a delicious sea air on the decor.

Marine bath linen

La Redoute So that the bathroom breathes fresh sea air, we slip in a few white and blue striped towels. The most decorative: a small wicker basket to store dirty laundry.

A fishing boat for children

Delamaison The children's room is also adorned with this much appreciated marine atmosphere. A bed in the shape of a fisherman boat settles in the center of the room, while wave-shaped stickers are invited on the wall. Successful, right?

Seaside style in the dining room

Maisons du Monde Does your dining room have the desire to travel by the sea? For this, offer him blue and white wooden furniture with a patina appearance. Add a spool of rope as a seat and voila!

Furniture worn out by sea salt

Maisons du Monde To give your terrace a seaside spirit, you have to be clever about the furniture. Choose it with an aged appearance in order to resemble the salt-worn benches and armchairs on the Ile de Ré.

Sailor's lanterns on the desk

La Redoute What could be simpler than giving your office a sea air by adding a few boat lanterns here and there? Our heart swings between red and blue… too bad, we choose both!