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Small animals in the children's room

Small animals in the children's room

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To give the children's room a playful air, small animals are welcome. They settle into the decor to bring softness to the room in the blink of an eye. Small overview of animals that will appeal to children with ideas to integrate them into the bedroom.

Birds in the background

Maisons du monde For a very natural country atmosphere, the birds settle in the decor. They find their place as a motif on a bedside cabinet or are placed on walls and decorative accessories in the form of stickers.

Bambi lights up the bedroom

Ferm Living What if you choose an original lamp that uses a fawn as a lampshade? Here, the lamp is placed against the wall and the light comes from behind the silhouette of this wooden fawn which reminds Bambi gently.

Funny animals

Ferm Living For a fun room, you can choose funny little animals like those that decorate the Ferm Living cushions. Panda, Fox and other Elephant are thus dressed in original outfits. What to put color in the room.

An animal hanger

Cocobohème What could be more original than hanging your clothes on hangers with animal faces? Once the garment is put on the hanger and hung in the wardrobe, it almost looks like a cat is wearing the child's garment.

A squirrel garland

Annabel Kern Small forest animals also settle in the bedroom. On this garland, it is downright the universe of the woods which finds its place alongside a plush squirrel. The garland will bring a lot of sweetness!

Cushion casseroles

Crème Anglaise Who said that cushions must be round or square? For children, they take the form of a pretty hen in a colorful fabric with trendy patterns like Liberty.

A rabbit night light

Marvelous For children who are afraid of the dark and others who just want a decorative companion, we put on a night light which takes the form of a very soft rabbit. The night light will diffuse a dim light to apprehend the night without fear!

Forest animals in the library

Pa design To store the story books, we opt for bookends with original shapes. This very poetic model will give birth to the forest in your works with hinds that flourish in the bushes.

Original animals in the books

Pa design Finally, animals of all kinds such as deer, giraffes or pigs will burst into your comics. These bookends will maintain the works of the little ones with originality to give a beautiful decor to the room.


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