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Smart lighting in the bathroom

Smart lighting in the bathroom

Our selection of ingenious ideas sorted on the job to maximize natural or artificial lighting in the pond dedicated to relaxation. Good pick !

A luminous false ceiling

Castorama ### We love the idea of ​​a false ceiling behind which we house colored LEDs. In the bathroom, this bias makes it possible to illuminate the space with a soft and indirect light, very welcome at the time of well-being…

A light cabinet from the inside

Lapeyre ### Chic, the bathroom cabinet lights up! Equipped with 3 LEDs hidden behind the doors, it allows us to see more clearly in terms of storage, allowing us even the installation of a powerful and discreet dressing area.

A bright sink

Lapeyre ### Light under the sink! A little extra that sows chic in the bathroom while being part of the "dim lighting" trend. For those who appreciate soft lights in bath and shower times!

A glass brick partition

Leroy Merlin ### To take advantage of the light in the room adjoining the bathroom, the good idea is to opt for a glass brick partition! An ingenious choice since its translucent and obscuring nature at the same time offers it twice as much lighting while retaining its privacy.

A voluminous chandelier

Delpha ### Chandeliers have the gift of providing chic and efficient lighting in the bathroom. To know that it is possible to create yourself a generous and decorative chandelier with multiple and mismatched suspension ... Just dare!

A blackout panel

Toto ### Separating the bedroom from the bathroom, this blackout panel lets in light while protecting it from outside view. Another way to enjoy the lighting of the centerpiece!

A bright mirror

Castorama ### Shaving and makeup breaks require precision and precision. Also, we haven't finished voting for the light mirrors, which are really useful and so decorative!

A light-filtering partition

Dornbracht ### Thanks to a partition pierced with decorative holes, the lighting coming from the next room infiltrates wonderfully into the bathroom. A soft and aesthetic bath of light that does not spoil the privacy of the place.

Extra LEDs

Leroy Merlin ### What if the new mantra was to multiply the LEDs as desired: above the mirror, on the side of the storage of beauty products ...? After all, there is nothing like fill-in lighting to see clearly in the bathroom.