10 scary appetizers for Halloween

10 scary appetizers for Halloween

October 31 is fast approaching, an opportunity for you to start thinking about the atmosphere you want to give to your interior. Plenty of pumpkins, fake cobwebs, evanescent ghosts and scary accessories galore ... there is no shortage of ideas to make your entrance look terrifying. It's your turn !

Magic broths

The Happy Heathen You don't have to run around looking for Halloween-colored accessories. Take a few jars of apothecary, pour in some water and a few drops of red food coloring and you will get scary and decorative magic potions. Original right? Source: Apartment Therapy

Crows do you want some here

Craftberry Bush Exit pumpkins and little ghosts of all kinds, we focus on originality with eclectic and retro decorative elements: an old book, metal stemware or a golden frame for example. And, for more effect, we do not forget to install here and there some dummy crows. Source: Craftberry Bush

Terrible mummies

Oh happy day Mummies have their place on Halloween night. The proof with this DIY made using mini wooden mannequins, gas and red ink. To your workshops! Source: Oh happy day

Dummy cobwebs

Home Heart Craft A few cobwebs on the ceiling, little spiders scattered here and there and presto, in a few seconds, your house will take on the appearance of a real haunted mansion. Mini budget, maximum effect! Source: Home Heart Craft

Orange and black decor

The three little birdies - Shelley Wolson To blend in with the trend without overdoing it, we put on a basic black and white decoration that we decorate with small orange touches. Halloween spirit guaranteed! Source: The three little birdies & Shelley Wolson

A scary mobile ghost

My makes things Just like pumpkins, bats or spiders, ghosts are one of the most important symbols of Halloween and, therefore, are an integral part of the decor ideas to adopt. Want to make this funny mobile? Nothing's easier ! For this, you will need to have Christmas balls, lace fabric, an embroidery hoop and black thread. Source: Mon makes things

A coat rack in Halloween colors

The three little birdies Sometimes it takes just a little bit to make your home look festive. The proof with this coat rack customized for the occasion, accompanied by its small pumpkins on the ground. Source: The three little birdies


Martha Stewart Black and orange paper, cat patterns to print and a little dexterity will be needed to make this lantern that goes off the beaten track. Source: Martha Stewart

Stylish Halloween pumpkins

Martha Stewart We love these spooky pumpkins made by Martha Stewart. To achieve them, nothing very complicated! Just print the mouth template, place it on your pumpkin and then hollow it out where you fixed your paper. All you have to do is put a dummy plastic jaw and install it on your console. Source: Martha Stewart