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A covered terrace to enjoy it longer

A covered terrace to enjoy it longer

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To enjoy the outdoors in summer and winter, you have a covered terrace which will protect you from the cooler temperatures. To inspire you, discover our ideas for covered terraces to settle in the garden until the end.

Californian terrace

Brooke Wagner Design "It's always nice in California". Perhaps, but a covered terrace can prove to be very useful when the coolest days come up. The designer Brooke Wagner has understood this and installed in this house in Corona del Mar a garden furniture surrounded by net curtains. Source: Brooke Wagner Design

An open stone shelter

Pattern addiction and more It is sometimes wise to use existing structures to install an open terrace. In this Italian Piedmont guest room, the old stone terrace offers all the comfort of a classic living room. Source: Hemoon

Recycled curtains and pallets

Welke / Elainn A 100% recycled terrace. On pretty staggered stones are installed two low tables and a very large bench, all three made from wooden pallets painted white. For a little more romanticism, this beautiful terrace is surrounded by white sheers. Source: Welke

Terrace and passageway

Herbstar Architects / Jackie Meiring Located in the extension of a beautiful wooden house in New Zealand, the covered terrace offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Source: Herbst Architects

A surreal and modern terrace

Focus When you take the trouble to install a pretty swimming pool in your garden, you don't have to do the seasons and you want to be able to enjoy its surroundings as long as you want. Here, the solution is all found, the terrace is surrounded by glass walls and is equipped with a fireplace to brave the weather. Source: Focus creation

In the extension of the house

John Paul Urizar In order for the terrace to appear to be only an extension of the house, it is enough, as here, to install it after the bay window of the living room and to use the same floor covering. Source: John Paul Urizar

A teak terrace under the porch

Mawi Tuin If you are lucky enough to have a house with a porch, install a little idleness corner with a beautiful teak floor and garden furniture. Source: Mawi Tuin

Animal skins to keep warm

Johanna Vintage / Lina Östling The terrace of this pretty house in Swedish white wood cladding is topped with a wooden structure of the same color, itself covered with glass plates. To remedy the Scandinavian cold, only one solution: use beautiful animal skins. Source: Johanna Vintage

Under the canopy of an old farm

At the time of Bastides Sheltered from the southerly winds, the awning of this old French farmhouse offers its owners an additional living space. Source: At the time of the Bastides

In extension of a veranda

Installux To be able to enjoy the view of your house all year round, opt for an extended veranda with a large terrace topped with an aluminum awning. Source: Installux

A wooden terrace to highlight a beautiful facade

Welke / Marcel Wolterinck The wooden porch of this house in beautiful red bricks has been painted in a pretty shades of gray which bring out the color of the facade. It is spacious enough to accommodate a nice corner sofa and a small fireplace. Source: Welke

The veranda: an alternative solution

Sylvain Perree Verandas If the wind and the cool temperatures really frighten you and you therefore think you will not have any use for an open terrace, even under cover, opt instead for a veranda. You can install a pretty winter garden there. To have the best of both worlds, choose a model with a large picture window that opens. Source: Sylvain Perree Verandas

An outdoor kitchen

Archi Vanden Haute There is nothing more annoying than an untimely rain the day you had planned a barbecue with your friends. The solution is all found with this beautiful covered wooden terrace to which the architect Hervé Vanden Haute thought of adding an outdoor kitchen, equipped with a barbecue. Source: Archi Vanden Haute

Another way to create an extension

Leveco Some extend their house in a traditional way by adding one or more rooms. here, the addition and made outside the house. You get a superb covered terrace with exposed beams. Source: LevEco

Around a fireplace

Cornerstone Architects Under the roof of an old barn, the owners of this ranch asked the Cornerstone architectural office to install an outdoor living room around a beautiful stone fireplace. Source: Cornerstone Architects

Like an open pool house

Innovative Designs At the edge of this beautiful swimming pool, the owners have erected a room open from all sides. Supported by beautiful stone pillars, it is surrounded by curtains. A real dining room that you can enjoy all year round. Source: Innovative Designs

The bucolic porch

Hanna Shantverk For a bucolic porch, hunt around for old weathered wood furniture and keep your hands off flowers and other potted plants. Source: Hannah Shantverk

A terrace in the Alps

Planete Deco Here, the vast porch of a chalet in the French Alps has been converted into a real dining room. So that everyone can enjoy it all year round, the owners have thought of very warm sheep skins. The most: the beautiful view of Mont Blanc. Source: Planète Deco

Take advantage of an existing porch

My Apple Market Place Rather than launching yourself into constructions that are as complicated as they are expensive, be judicious and use the existing spaces. In this British country house, a bucolic and flowery terrace has been fitted out on the porch. Source: My Apple Market Place


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