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20 desserts without baking

20 desserts without baking

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You don't need to have a professional paraphernalia to be a good cook! The proof with these twenty gourmet dessert recipes made without cooking. Watermelon cake, chocolate fondant, US-inspired cheesecake or tiramisu ... all options are possible, provided you show some ingenuity. Discovery in pictures!

Banoffee with oreo cookies

Now I'm a Cook The famous English pie made from banana, cream and caramel comes back to us in this original version presented in the form of verrines and made with oréo cookies. Simple and delicious, we love it! Source: Now I'm a Cook

Banoffee Pie

Antigone XXI How to make a dessert worthy of the greatest chefs in two stages without risking the dough burning or being too sweet? The trick: this tasty recipe of banoffee banana, chocolate and caramel made without oven, flour, egg, butter and sugar. Source: Antigone XXI

Lemon cheesecake

Eat Drink Love No need for a bunch of cooking utensils to make this recipe made in US. Made with fresh cheese, a little breadcrumbs and lemon, it requires no cooking. We put his cheesecake in the fridge, we wait for it to solidify. And hop, it remains only to pass to the tasting. Simply divine! Source: Kitchme

Tiramisu mousse

Crazy for crust Otherwise you can always treat yourself to a moment of indulgence with this appetizing tiramisu recipe. Scented with chocolate, it will be particularly appreciated served fresh, in the heat of summer. Yum ! Source: Crazy for crust

Peanut chocolate cookies

Juliette's recipes After the cheesecake, here is another revisited American sweetness: the cookie. In this recipe, which requires no cooking, we prefer to let the cookies harden in the refrigerator instead of using the oven. Original right? Source: Juliette's recipes

Peanut butter balls

Kitchme Melt the peanut butter and the butter, mix together the crunchy rice cereals and the icing sugar, then put everything together and you will get small gourmet balls made on the go. Source: Kitchme

White cake revisited

Madmoizelle Better than the white cake, a typical wedding or birthday cake in the United States, here is the watermelon cake. An original and healthy recipe at the same time, which combines the freshness of watermelon with the delicacy of American pastries. To make it simple, simply cut a watermelon into a cylinder, cover it with whipped cream and then sprinkle your preparation with berries or fruit slices. Source: Madmoizelle

Gluten-free chocolate mousse

It's my batch The originality of this recipe? It is made without flour and requires no cooking. A nice idea that will delight gluten intolerant people and who will therefore adopt it without moderation. Source: It's my batch

Sweet mini burger

HobbyKoechin Cookies from the local supermarket or homemade cookies, a little vanilla ice cream and you're ready to enjoy a small frozen hamburger that you won't soon forget. So tempted? Source: Demotivator

Strawberry express pie

Pods 2 Vanilla Clever the idea of ​​a strawberry pie revisited and ultra quick to prepare. Its secret: pink cookies from Reims as a dough, on which is placed a nice layer of cream and raspberries. Gourmet wish! Source: 2 Vanilla pods

Banana puddding

Kitchme The sweet and creamy British pudding is sliced ​​with pieces of bananas and wafers and this is not without displeasing us! And you, what do you think? Source: Kitchme

Strawberries tree

Cakes Cottage Making such a beautiful cake without turning on the oven is not magic, but rather a stroke of genius that we owe to the excellent Cakes Cottage blog. Amazing, this sweet sweetness is also very simple to make. Source: Cakes Cottage

Express chocolate cake

The Kitchen is my Playground Making a gourmet chocolate cake without baking the dough is possible! Just incorporate crushed cookies that will replace the bottom of the pie. Small butter, speculoos or Breton puck, the choice is yours! Source: The Kitchen is my Playground

Duo coco fig

It's almost Christmas Otherwise, on the same principle, let yourself be seduced by this tasty recipe made from mixed dried fruits (nuts, almonds and coconut), homemade cream and seasonal figs. A real treat for the taste buds! Source: It's almost Christmas

Caramel cream

Mercotte If you want to enjoy three times nothing, make this fresh and appetizing crème caramel from Mercotte. You will not be disappointed with the trip! Source: Mercotte (// = feed & utm_campaign = Feed: PapillesEtPupilles + + (+ buds and pupils +))

Chocolate tart and cookies

Délices d'Hélène Certainly this pie made with dark chocolate, praline chocolate and cookies is not very light but what does it look appetizing! Here no baking, everything takes place in the pan then in the refrigerator. Source: Délices d'Hélène

Iced lime crisp

We dine at Nanou Lemon juice, a little condensed milk, crème fraîche and a cupcake powder will be necessary to make this appetizing perfect iced. To be enjoyed chilled for maximum pleasure! Source: We dine at Nanou's

Homemade cereal bar

I Heart Nap Time An energetic and gourmet bar made from peanut butter, honey nut cheerios and chocolate chips? Head to the excellent I Heart Nap Time blog which explains how to make this recipe in 10 minutes. Source: I Heart Nap Time

Chocolate Mint Squares

Fearless Homemaker Smooth and crunchy, these mint and chocolate squares filled with crushed cakes are also very easy to make if you have a microwave in your kitchen. Fresh, crunchy and downright gourmet we love it! Source: Fearless Homemaker