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The Cherry on the Cake unveils its new fall-winter 2015 novelties

The Cherry on the Cake unveils its new fall-winter 2015 novelties

New logo, new packaging and soon a new site… This year, La Cerise sur le Gâteau is reinventing itself for our greatest pleasure! Pretty showcase of this new visual identity, the brand's fall-winter collection, signed Anne Hubert, is not to displease us. The proof by 10 favorites!

Soft capes and towels

Coco Amardeil / Dorian Rollin Between Iodine blue, Slate gray and Marsala burgundy, Pantone color from 2015, the capes and bath towels are dressed in subtle colors this winter. All of this, enhanced with a fluorescent yellow stitching, furiously decorative. Bath cape: 40 euros Small towel: 25 euros Large towel: 45 euros

Polka dot bed linen

Coco Amardeil / Dorian Rollin In the bedroom, the new bed linen is not to be outdone. All in pink Biscuit, Dijon mustard, Iodine blue, Slate gray and dressed pea, it allows all mixes and all marriages, and this, always with taste… Duvet cover in 140 x 200 cm: 95 euros Duvet cover in 240 x 220 cm: 159 euros

Pillowcases well surrounded

Coco Amardeil / Dorian Rollin Matching the colors of the polka dot duvet covers, the pillowcases are presented under the serene gaze of Loopy, the star dog of this fall-winter shoot. Pillowcase: 25 euros

Tea towels that stand in check

Coco Amardeil / Dorian Rollin Still under Loopy's eye, the new tea towels are available in plain colors, adorned with Vichy patterns, or embellished with peas and are enhanced with a touch of Watermelon red, pop as desired. Note: thanks to a new weaving, these cloths are softer and more absorbent. Tea towel: 15 euros

Cushions dotted with gold

Coco Amardeil / Dorian Rollin Signature of the brand, the irregularly embroidered golden dots that sublimate these new cushions make us look. With such a soft price, the hardest part will be choosing the colors that we will fall for, won't you? Cushion: 25 euros

A blanket blanket

Coco Amardeil / Dorian Rollin What would a cocooning winter be without a big warm blanket to snuggle into? That, the Cherry on the Cake understood well and thus signs, for the first time, a Vichy plaid in 100% cotton mesh. We applaud! Plaid: 149 euros

Gourmet colored aprons

Coco Amardeil / Dorian Rollin They also dressed in the new colors of the season - Biscuit pink, Iodine blue, Slate gray, Dijon mustard, Marsala burgundy and Watermelon red - aprons are inviting themselves in the kitchen as a decorative accessory in their own right. Apron: 30 euros

Vichy touches in the living room

Coco Amardeil / Dorian Rollin From the very mouth of the designer, this retro motif is a "little nod to the shirts of the bad boys of the 80s". These large cushions will do wonders in your living room! Cushion cover: 60 euros

Sleeping bags that throw out

Coco Amardeil / Dorian Rollin Kids side, love at first sight, if not love at first sight, for these sleeping bags with fall and winter nuances. Something to keep baby warm, in style. Sleeping bag: from 65 euros to 80 euros, depending on color and size