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BoConcept unveils its latest creations 2015-2016

BoConcept unveils its latest creations 2015-2016

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This morning, the editorial staff went to discover the 2015-2016 creations of the iconic Danish design brand, BoConcept. Wrap-around armchairs, raw or mineral materials, soft textures ... The new BoConcept products are dressed in organic curves and nude or mineral colors to invite well-being and a change of scenery. Discovery in pictures!

Between elegance and functionality

Aurore Hervé Simplified to the extreme and relieved of all superfluous detail, we love Living, a collection of thirty-two androgynous accessories which reinterprets the shape of the circle in its purest expression. Bali clock: 109 euros Ball mirror: 91 euros Natural vase: 8 euros


Aurore Hervé Favorite for the Vivus carpet! The graphic and colorful patterns make it possible to wake up an interior by adding a touch of originality and that is what we like! Vivus rug: 656 euros

Green hand

Aurore Hervé Friends of the flora, these pretty terracotta flower pots are made for you! What bring a touch of freshness to its interior, with ease! Rolling flower pots G.M 23.5 X 23.5 cm: 56 euros M.M 16 x 16 cm: 35 euros P.M 13 x 13 cm: 22 euros

Mirror, my beautiful mirror

Aurore Hervé Combining wood and glass with great allure, these two mirrors with feminine lines really have everything to please. Nice, right? Living mirror: 158 euros

New version

Aurore Hervé We had already fallen in love with the organic shapes and fine curves of the Imola armchair. We like it just as much, if not more in this chocolate shade. Imola armchair: 1,899 euros

Bohemian jumpsuit

Aurore Hervé Ideal for bringing a touch of color or creating a bohemian jumpsuit, these cups with warm tones create a warm decoration with ease. We crack! Glaze vase: 54 euros

In raw state

Aurore Hervé Place with sober lines and raw materials for an anti bling-bling style with the Natural vases. Available in six colors, they dress in nude colors and reveal minimal lines to rhyme elegance and simplicity. Natural vase: 8 euros


Aurore Hervé Ideal for keeping all small work or everyday accessories close at hand, the small Spotly storage boxes, available in different sizes and colors, will surely have their little effect in the house. To adopt urgently! Granite Spotly storage box: 19 euros; black: 21 euros; white 21 euros

In elsewhere mode

Aurore Hervé As an invitation to travel, her pretty sculptures in the shape of cow horns are ideal for brightening up and personalizing an interior with a strong personality! Natural Cowhorn sculpture: 33 euros