Zinc for a charming garden decor

Zinc for a charming garden decor

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This material seems to belong to the last century and yet, it has the gift to charm our gardens. So even if the temperatures will soon push us to stay warm, here is a slideshow made of special zinc outside, before the wind… and the cold prevails.

A vintage lantern

Shabby Chic / A little market What if you hunt down an old lantern to retype it? With a nice painting, you can quickly give back to a vintage lamp that will find its place on a garden table or by the pool.

Retro bar stools

Drawer If you have a bar counter on your terrace, consider purchasing Galva zinc high stools, which will give a bistro style to your outdoor space. All you have to do is organize dinner aperitifs or barbecues with friends.

Pay attention to details

Maisons du monde You do not have to have a piece of furniture entirely made of zinc to integrate this material into your decor. Simple handles of metal drawers or cupboards to a wooden pantry immediately give furniture a different look, just like a zinc tray. Price: 249.90 euros

Opt for an XXL planter

Decorative Blog on all floors To dress up your garden and hide the unsightly roots of a shrub, choose a pretty zinc plant pot. It's up to you to buy a more or less imposing model depending on your plant. The latter will resist very well to external conditions and will not rust. Source: Decorative Blog on all floors

A milk jug as decoration

Retro decoration Here is a decorative accessory that will take you back to childhood. If this zinc milk jug reminds you of your vacation on the farm or your grandmother, immediately place it on your garden furniture as a decorative object or use it as a vase.

Colorful garden furniture

Fermob Who said zinc is necessarily gray? At Fermob, garden furniture takes on sunny colors ideal for summer! What brighten up a small green space so that young and old can enjoy it in fine weather.

A pretty potting table

Blog Pearl powder and pinpins Generally, tools and furniture dedicated to gardening are not very decorative. Choose a potting table that allows you to garden outdoors without having to blush your furniture! The zinc tray is also very practical because it is easy to clean. Source: Blog Pearl powder and pinpins

Use an original bottle holder

Décoclico To transport your drinks but also to leave the choice to your guests during aperitif or dinner, this zinc bottle holder will make a sensation on your outdoor table. The little extra? Its handle to be able to carry it everywhere. Price: 14.90 euros

Install a water point in the garden

Mister Zinc A water point has the advantage of being able to cool young and old during hot weather but also to bring a Zen and decorative side to your green space. Choose a zinc model that will blend in with the decor and shine in the sun. Surround it with plants and flowers and leave enough space to fill a watering can.

Make a barbecue area

Maginéa If you have a charcoal barbecue, it is not always easy to clean and empty it without putting it everywhere. One tip is to place a zinc ash bucket right next to your outdoor kitchen. The latter can also act as a charcoal bucket. Price: 29.95 euros

Have a garden service

Maisons du monde This is THE ultra practical piece of furniture on a terrace if you are used to having people at lunch. This trolley can contain bottles, dishes and cutlery but also help you bring food to the table more easily. The zinc tray can be used as a worktop or cutting board.

Retype an old buffet

Blog At the edge of the garden The Do It Yourself trend does not stop inside the house. Renovate an old piece of furniture made of wood and zinc - two materials that resist very well over time - by repainting it in a soothing color. Add some zinc accessories like a bucket or a watering can. Source: Blog At the edge of the garden…

Hang an additional water collector

Décoclico This object could not be more ecological. Made of zinc, it collects rainwater in the garden in order to reuse it to wash your vegetables or water your plants. By the way, it gives a little retro feel to your outdoor space.

A metal garden furniture

The Gardens Lighter and thinner than wooden furniture, the metal garden furniture is gaining ground. When designed in zinc, it can be raw or colored. Depending on the style of your terrace and your tastes, you can add (or not) chair cushions and a tablecloth.

Showcase an old watering can

Blog Chouchou House The watering can is not only useful for watering your beds. It is also a decorative accessory to chew on. On a balcony next to the planters, on the ground in the garden or on a terrace furniture, it gives an irresistible country style. Source: Blog Chouchou House

Fall for a fountain

Uncle zinc-plated Treat yourself with a wall fountain. This overflow model, made of zinc, has a Japanese style that invites you to relax. All you have to do is grab a good book or a glass of wine and enjoy your green space. Price: 142 euros

Install your plants in a zinc planter

Delamaison Forget the plastic planters that pierce and fade. With a galvanized zinc model, you don't risk anything and your plants will thrive better. This model is in matt black for a chic and contemporary style in the garden. Price: 19.90 euros

Small zinc boxes

Maisons du monde Both aesthetic and clever, these zinc cases (Gildas reference) can be used as a tray, storage boxes or simply as a decorative object. They will find their place on a rustic or industrial terrace. Price: 49.90 euros the set of two

A bowl like in the good old days

Le Porpoise Do you remember the laundry machines that used to wash clothes in metal basins? It is high time to dust off this object and divert it to make an original flowerpot. You can also use it to store your gardening tools or bulbs for example.

Erect a hanging garden

Mister Zinc This creation signed Mister Zinc has a fountain and hanging planters that allow you to grow several varieties of flowers on the same structure. This plant painting is installed against a hedge or a wall.

An industrial style zinc shelf

My Cozy In a large space or an industrial style terrace, open storage is very practical. In order to store pots of plants, gardening tools or even your outdoor dishes, this zinc shelf will be quite robust.

A garden table like no other

Domani This coffee table is very original in its shape but also because it has an ice bucket to keep your drinks cool and make you an unusual bar area. Install it next to a lounge chair or by your pool and your guests will never want to leave!

Put an extendable table on the terrace

Leroy Merlin In addition to storing your condiments and your dishes, this table has two extensions on each side. The zinc tray allows you to have a small side table or a worktop to cut fruit for example while the rest of the furniture can accommodate several people.

Resistant small plant pots

Retro decoration Plant pots tend to be easily damaged, especially if they are made of porcelain or a fragile material. If you buy zinc, they will be more resistant over time and weatherproof. Choose plain or patterned models.

Attach a metal clock to the wall

Maisons du monde An XXL industrial clock allows you to dress a white wall and decorate it without having to repaint or customize it. This zinc model has Roman numerals, which gives a retro atmosphere to the space. Price: 29.99 euros

For an outdoor kitchen

Tikamoon / Delamaison Notice to holders of barbecues and other planchas! In order to cook outside without having to shelter all your equipment, invest in a zinc island to store your utensils, your dishes but also condiments or trivets.

Have a shower in your garden

From one garden to another Outdoor showers must blend in with the landscape to keep your garden as wild as possible. So preferably choose a fairly fine zinc model (reference Paname Alu), which will not clash with the style of your terrace.

Take a nap on a bench

Blog La maison de Béa What better way to rest than a good book sitting (or lying) on ​​a bench? Make this dream come true by looking for a zinc bench. A good touch of paint to restore all its style and voila! Source: Blog La maison de Béa

Mix wood and zinc

Maison Tilleul / Delamaison The mix of materials is not always happy but between wood and zinc it is a rolling business! It's up to you to customize your wooden furniture with a zinc plate or look for a model that combines the two materials in DIY stores.