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Children's desks: storage is now!

Children's desks: storage is now!

Almost a month and a half after the start of the school year, toddlers are about to fall back into the sweet happiness of being on vacation. Except that in just a few weeks, they managed to create a mess on their desk! So before All Saints rhymes with "games", we submit a small storage workshop to them. It remains to choose the accessory that will help them!

An ingenious coffee table

Ikéa ### Toddlers will not be able to resist this funny coffee table in which 4 containers have been dug to store pencils, felt-tip pens, rulers and erasers. All the material of budding artists!

Wall pencil holders

Ikéa ### Thanks to these pencil jars attached to the wall to be multiplied as you wish, space-saving spirit is in order! Brushes, colored pencils, scissors: each tool finds refuge there.

Russian doll version storage

Ikéa ### Practical, these multi-format plastic baskets organize small and large accessories ranging from notepads to notebooks, ink cartridges to geometry rules. The good point is that when you don't use them, you stack them! To take up a minimum of space, it's ingenious.

A flexible basket

Serendipity ### After the plastic basket, it's the textile basket's turn to stand out. A more flexible and poetic version in which we have chosen this model adorned with golden stars which should also appeal to little dreamers.

A playful pencil holder

Serendipity ### We literally melt for this adorable pencil holder in the shape of a giant pencil sharpener. A nice accessory that helps make storage more fun!

Multicolored boxes

Ikéa ### Our favorite graphic arrangement is this: boxes of different sizes and distinct colors in which we classify office equipment by order of magnitude: glue tubes, notebooks, markers ... find it easily.

A sliding bin

Ikéa ### Fixed on the wall, this sliding tray allows you to store white sheets, notebooks, books or school supplies in all discretion.

Tote bins

La Redoute ### Another ally of choice for storing anything lying around on the desk: tote bins! Equipped with multiple boxes, they allow the typology of accessories to be separated.