A pink sofa? And why not !

A pink sofa? And why not !

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Black, gray, beige, white or chocolate. One thing is certain, the classic sofa rarely goes out of this color code. The goal ? Always match the decor, whatever the changes. However, the editorial staff has spotted a selection of models daring to surf on a 100% pink color chart, whose hyper trendy look leaves us speechless. And if the new feminine touch and good looks of the living room, it was precisely a sofa making us see life in pink?

Rose sorbet

Ikéa ### In this charming living room, a pink sorbet-colored sofa finds its place. The little extra? Choose it in a soft material like velvet and dress it with flowery cushions so as to intensify the romantic mood of the decor ...

Pearl pink

Paragraph ### Followers of girly worlds, it's here! Not only does this sofa have the chic of dressing in powdered colors, soft and satin materials, but in addition, its enveloping design makes our eyes soft…

Cherry pink

Fly ### Dressed in a pastel pink, this tidy sofa creates a sophisticated, soft and feminine atmosphere. This should appeal to lovers (and lovers) of chic romantic interiors!

Watermelon pink

Ikéa ### Hyper flashy, this pink sofa makes its star in the living room. Since then, it is around him that the decorative elements come to life!

Antique rose

Goal ### We literally fall for this romantic sofa dressed in a grayish gray. A color evoking both tenderness and a cozy spirit. And charm prevails in the living room!

Raspberry pink

La Maison de Valérie ### Small oriental look for this sofa whose design recalls that of Moroccan benches. As for its color, we like the choice of a dark pink, ideal for enhancing the character and character of the living room.

Mother of pearl pink

La Redoute ### The simplicity of the shapes and the softness of the colors is the credo of this living room having opted for a sofa with a classic design, dressed in pale pink linen. The cocooning spirit awaits us!

Rhubarb rose

La Maison de Valérie ### It is thanks to its dark pink color, drawing on hyper trendy burgundy red, that this sofa does not go unnoticed. All the more reason to bet on pink for the central room of the living room!


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