First Impressions: when Leroy Merlin presents his new decorative expressions for 2016

First Impressions: when Leroy Merlin presents his new decorative expressions for 2016

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This is Leroy Merlin's first participation in Paris Design Week! Installed in the Galerie Joseph Froissart, the brand, as DIY as it is decorative, took the opportunity to reveal its latest novelties, its latest innovations but also the latest new concepts it has unearthed. Discovery.

Travel to Africa

Do you prefer ethnic design? Adopt the revisited Africa trend instead. We fell in love with the HANNA wooden pendant lamp, as graphic as it is refined. HANNA pendant light: 29.90 euros YEBO sheer curtain: 14.90 euros

Globe trotter folk

Hippies, glamor, camping… we love the joyful folk and colorful mix of the Gypsetter range! With her artisanal spirit, she responds to our desires for handmade creations with a lot of chic. MAKIKO pendant light: 19.90 euros TWIST cushion: 9.90 euros

Blue tones

Riviera and Côte d'Azur… the 50's Mediterranean collection brings a breath of freshness into our interior with its delicate shades of blue. Palm leaf wallpaper: 16.90 euros ARABESQUE curtain: 38.90 euros

Wired decor

For a refined decor, nothing like a wired graphics that give objects the feeling of being suspended in the air. To be mixed with geometric patterns without restraint! LILIUM pendant light: 39.90 euros CUBIK cushion: 19.90 euros

Go to Brooklyn

Mix of authentic materials, play with black charcohal, leather and rough, we love the dandy-hispter spirit that Leroy Merlin wanted to give to his Brooklyn collection! BARBIER mirror: 19.90 euros MARINA curtain: 39.90 euros

Extra fat

Poetic, generous, the extra fat trend dares the harmony between simplicity and technology. So, seduced? SILVER wallpaper: 16.90 euros Japanese 3D panel: 39.90 euros

Mirrors to compose

A coat hook here, a magnifying mirror there, a reversible storage shelf in the middle ... the UYUNI mirror is enriched with several features to make life in small spaces easier. Good game ! UYUNI mirror 50 x 140 cm: 69 euros

A luminous puzzle

To energize your wall or ceiling, the Leroy Merlin design team has imagined a geometric led luminaire to compose. Thanks to a boss, the whole family can come together to imagine the final form that this light puzzle will take. Original, right? From 36.90 euros

3D printing

Perfectly innovative, the Drôles d'Oiseaux project offers a simple construction system: the combination of 3D printing with standard components available in Leroy Merlin stores to create a wardrobe, a small side cabinet, a secretary or even a chair . Born in the design studio Fritsch-Durisotti, this concept fits perfectly into the current movement of Do It Yourself.