Garden maintenance: the equipment you need

Garden maintenance: the equipment you need

Maintaining a garden is not easy! And to make your task easier, you will need to equip yourself with suitable tools. We suggest you take a look at the accessories you may need.

A classic mower

Castorama For a medium-sized garden, a classic mower will suffice. Then your arms will have to push it. On the other hand, you can choose a model that leaves the grass cut in your garden or that keeps it in a tank in order to evacuate it easily.

A hand mower

Leroy Merlin Conversely, if you only have a small space of lawn, no need to take out the heavy artillery and you can simply opt for a hand mower. It takes up little space and is ecological since it works without electricity.

An automatic mower

Castorama And if you really do not want to worry about mowing the lawn, know that there are robotic mowers, like robot vacuum cleaners, which will do the work for you.

A trimmer

Castorama To finish the maintenance of your lawn, you can use a trimmer which will be very useful if you have a lot of flower beds. You can then eliminate tall grass without damaging your plantations.

Electric sprinkler

Leroy Merlin To keep your lawn in good shape, especially during the summer period, watering is essential. Choose an electric and automatic model that you can program at the best times.

A high pressure cleaner

Leroy Merlin More known under the name of Karcher (although it is a brand), the high-pressure cleaner will be very useful if you have a terrace or an alley. You will be able to effortlessly clean stone surfaces or your tiles because the strong pressure will remove all dirt.

A manual hedge trimmer

Castorama In order for your hedges to always be well trimmed, you absolutely need a hedge trimmer. If you have few borders and the latter are not very high, you can opt for a manual device which then looks like a big shears and will allow you to eliminate the excess branches.

An electric hedge trimmer

Castorama If you have a lot of hedges to prune, you can also opt for an electric version on battery which will allow you to access all the recesses of the garden without hindrance.