A fully equipped 21 m² studio

A fully equipped 21 m² studio

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How to play with existing constraints and create a functional and ventilated space when the square meters run out? In this 21 m² Parisian building located at Charles de Gaulle, the young architect Romain Chesnel offers a fine demonstration of inventiveness. Discovery!

A fully equipped studio

Romain Chesnel To meet the specifications of the owner who wanted to keep the typically Parisian charm, the architect imagined a fully equipped studio, with maximum storage space. In addition to the bright, clean living room, the apartment includes a real bathroom and a small kitchen area.

A space bathed in light

Romain Chesnel The only natural light source in the apartment, located at the back of the apartment, in the main room, quickly organized the space. Faced with this constraint, the architect thus chose to articulate the different universes around this window. He thus placed the shower room and the kitchen opposite the facade.

A beautiful delimitation of spaces

Romain Chesnel To delimit the spaces, Romain Chesnel has devised a work plan with workshop canopy. This solution made it possible to graphically isolate the kitchen area, the living room and the corridor leading to the bathroom.

A black and white decor

Romain Chesnel For a harmonious and modern look, only two colors have been chosen: white and black. A clever choice of color that energizes the space!

Optimize space

Romain Chesnel In this small studio, nothing has been left to chance! Discreet and graphic, the tailor-made bookcase and cupboards come to meet the storage needs that we are entitled to expect in our apartment.

A comfortable interior

Romain Chesnel The living room offers a decoration and a layout with clean lines, with, as centerpieces, the dining table integrating harmoniously with the existing curves and the convertible sofa.

A well thought-out little kitchen

Romain Chesnel Practical and full of charm, the kitchen was located in the entrance of the apartment. It consists of a large work surface, numerous storage units and is equipped with all the necessary household appliances for maximum comfort.

Soft colors

Romain Chesnel In the bathroom, the architect opted for a shades of white and gray, thus creating an elegant and warm space.

A walk-in shower

Romain Chesnel Characterized by its walk-in installation, the walk-in shower offers an impression of space and freedom in the bathroom.