Architect's advice: how to arrange a square living room?

Architect's advice: how to arrange a square living room?

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The living room is the living room in which we like to meet with family on a daily basis, and with friends from time to time. Its layout must therefore be comfortable, and to this end, a basic rule must be respected: form an island of conviviality and welcoming relaxation. Of all the forms of rooms, the squares are very often the most difficult to arrange since the length of the walls gives no guideline which would guide the installation of the furniture, which furniture can moreover have imposing dimensions.

Plan n ° 2: a square living room with two large sofas

Angélique BLANC For this square living room bathed in light of 4.6 mx 4.6 m, a balanced, soft arrangement that visually lengthens the room was chosen. The furniture, installed symmetrically on either side of the fireplace, is composed of two large three-seater sofas, facing each other, in the center of which are installed two small square coffee tables. To prevent a large void from being created in the center of the room, and because the surface allows, the two sofas are not backed by the walls. The large library stands over the entire wall without a window. And a comfortable armchair with its reading lamp is positioned facing the fireplace. Very comfortable and friendly, this layout is ideal in a large Haussmann-style apartment.

Plan n ° 3: a square living room with corner sofa

Angélique BLANC In a space such as this large, multifunctional square living room, 4.95 m wide, open to another room, it is important to take care of the perspective that the layout will offer, seen precisely from this adjacent room. Thus, a partition back is kept in order to hide the side of the imposing library, in which an office space has been discreetly created. The TV cabinet was chosen with a corner shelf for the same purpose. These two pieces of furniture still leaving a beautiful, practically square space, a corner sofa of good size can come and take over the room, facing the television screen and structuring the space. Finally, the family layout of this living room is completed by a coffee table in neutral colors resting on a cozy and invigorating carpet.

Plan n ° 4: a square living room with semicircular sofa and additional furniture

Angélique BLANC For this small 3.45 mx 3.45 m living room, we optimize the space with additional furniture (poufs and small coffee table, and we focus on oppositions! The room is small and not very bright? adopted furniture is in bright colors, giving a cheerful and pleasant character to the living room. And to soften the angles of this small square surface, we opt for the roundness of the lines and the softness of the fabrics. This geometric opposition is marked by the installation of 'a semicircular sofa, flanked by two fuchsia poufs continuing the outline of the circle. These three seats surround an oval carpet and a round table. And in one corner of the room, the TV cabinet also displays a design with lines brightly colored curves.


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