Architect's advice: how to arrange a rectangular living room?

Architect's advice: how to arrange a rectangular living room?

The living room is often the main room of our interior. It is in this room, reflecting our personality, that we spend time in the evening after work, and during moments of relaxation and reception. It is therefore important to pay particular attention to its layout, so that it is harmonious and comfortable in everyday life. This arrangement will always be done with respect for the direction, the orientation of the room and, in this case, for a rectangular room, the length of the living room will be exploited to the best so that it is an advantage and not a disadvantage. .

Plan n ° 2: a rectangular lounge for a student or for a couple

Angélique BLANC In this small rectangular lounge of 4.40 mx 2.90 m, intended for a couple or a student, the furniture was chosen for its shallow depth and placed against the walls, all over around the room, to keep a fluid and comfortable circulation in the center of the volume. Small but clever, this space offers the significant advantage of having multiple low storage spaces, and full height storage only at the end of the room, so as not to lose brightness. The different heights of the elements making up the furniture give rhythm and personality to the room, without enclosing the volume, despite its small and multifunctional surface. Finally, the desk is installed in front of the window for optimal visual and light comfort.

Plan n ° 3: a rectangle living room with a sofa corner, an office area and a reading area

Angélique BLANC For this large rectangular living room of 5.95 mx 3.50 m, layout tips have been used to break the length of the volume and thus prevent it from looking too cold or untidy. Arranged at the entrance of the room, facing the television screen, the sofa is chosen for its U-shape, very cozy and friendly, and for its warm colors. An ordered visual rendering being reinforced by a clearly legible demarcation of spaces, the office area is installed near a window, in the continuity of the sofa, but separated from the latter by a small low wall. Opposite the office, and also close to a window, a reading area is fitted out with an armchair and a small side table.

Plan n ° 4: a rectangle living room full of dynamism thanks to the colors and furniture

Angélique BLANC For this semi-open rectangular lounge of 4.70 mx 2.90 m, dynamism is given pride of place thanks to the furniture installed on a whole section of wall and positioned at different levels, thus breaking the uniformity of this long wall. This furniture gives pep to the volume, thus rebalancing the rigorous effect brought by the straight, elongated and shallow sofa, chosen for the space saving it allows. In order to keep the brightness in this living room, the wall furniture is chosen white. The dynamism is further accentuated by the bright and invigorating colors of the two reading chairs and the three small coffee tables, which can be moved at leisure.