Little Greene: what awaits you for the start of the 2015 school year

Little Greene: what awaits you for the start of the 2015 school year

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Want to change the mood? Little Greene offers you a whole range of wallpapers, in different styles and varied colors. From the liberty motif to oriental prints to those from the 50s, you are sure to find what you are looking for no matter what room you want to decorate. The editorial presents you, in pictures, 10 models of Little Greene wallpapers to adopt urgently from the start of the school year!

In the forest

Little Greene Finding yourself in the wilderness to unwind, nothing like this after a hard day at work. Does that tell you? It is sure the fern spirit wallpaper that you have to bet.

City patterns

Little Greene A city in your home! Houses, trees and buildings are all motifs present on this wallpaper. To avoid the impression of suffocation, place it on a single wall alongside others in light colors. Children's or adults' rooms will be the ideal rooms to accommodate it.

Scandinavian spirit

Little Greene With its stripes in light colors, this wallpaper will find its place perfectly in a decoration with a Scandinavian spirit!

Family house

Little Greene The ideal wallpaper for old family homes in the countryside! Be careful not to combine it with other overly imposing patterns and it will bring a touch of cheerfulness and good humor to your interior with its floral patterns.

Bonaparte red and gold

Little Greene Enhance your living room by adopting a baroque-style wallpaper… Placed behind the sofa, it will certainly succeed in its little effect.

Simple and elegant

Little Greene For the most chic of you, this gray striped wallpaper is ideal! Sober and discreet, it will please in all rooms of the house.

Pink and beige

Little Greene Beige and pink vertical stripes to bring softness to your room. Warmth and romance will be there with this wallpaper in a living room or bedroom.

An oriental wallpaper

Little Greene A journey to the east with this wallpaper with fine stripes. Its blue and red colors will remind you of those of Moroccan ryads.

South house

Little Greene Bring out the Provencal side of your interior with this olive and mustard wallpaper.